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Your commercial construction project’s success depends on quality assurance, solid scheduling and a realistic budget. When different teams focus on the same track from initial planning to final closeout, each job phase advances with maximum efficiency. Working with a design build construction firm allows you to enjoy all these cost-saving advantages with a project delivery system coordinated by one contractor who controls every aspect of your job’s planning and construction.

Benefits of Design Build Construction Firm

Time-Saving Collaboration
Working with a design build construction firm streamlines your project’s operations and eliminates delays that slow down traditional building jobs. Construction services utilize architects, engineers and subcontractors with specialized talents that benefit from close collaboration. Because your contractor acts as both designer and builder, initial planning can jump-start site prep and excavation as designs and drawings are developed. With one party responsible for all scheduling, you avoid conflicts with subcontractors’ timetables. The design build process ensures that teams working on your project stay coordinated, and that results in timely, money-saving job completion.

Cost-Effective Advantages
A design and build construction contractor understands real-world material costs from purchase to installation. He shares this knowledge with his architectural and engineering teams and keeps everyone on the same page. The contractor leverages established industry relationships with dependable vendors and subcontractors to ensure quality materials, fair pricing and reliable workmanship. Your design build contractor also helps clarify wants and needs with strategies that satisfy expectations and avoid overruns. It all adds up to construction budget controls that result in significant cost-effective advantages over traditional project delivery models.

Improved Risk Management
The design and build construction process works well for jobs that require speedy completion and tight budgets, and it also reduces your financial risk. You and your design build construction firm are partners from the outset and work together establishing targets and tracking costs. You know early on what to expect, and your contractor assumes all responsibility for change orders and price increases. You make decisions based on the contractor’s assurance of fair material and labor costs, and this greatly lowers your investment risk in case of unforeseen project contingencies. It also motivates your contractor to stay on budget with a sharp eye on the bottom line.

You count on reliable cost control, quality workmanship and an efficient construction process to ensure job success. CBF Contracting delivers superior design and build contractor services you’d expect from Pennsylvania’s leading commercial builder. Contact us today at 814-745-3000 for more information about our money-saving project delivery systems, and let us put our design talent, engineering expertise and superior construction services to work for you.

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