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Utility mapping reveals what lies beneath your commercial construction site. It’s an essential part of any pre-construction services package. Why? While underground infrastructure may be out of sight, the presence of these features needs to be identified, accounted for and kept in mind if you want your project to progress smoothly. After all, what you don’t know can lead to dangerous situations and costly mistakes.

Mapping It Out
Even if your prospective construction site seems empty, at least some of the space beneath is likely to be occupied. Electric cables, telecom cables, sewers, pipes, and gas and water mains travel underground, providing pathways for vital services. Unfortunately, information about their locations is often incomplete, scattered or missing. Utility mapping involves reviewing existing records and employing technologies like ground-penetrating radar. The goal is to identify the type and location of any underground infrastructure before construction begins.

Why Utility Maps Matter
Stumbling unexpectedly over an underground feature can have serious consequences for your project. In fact, it can lead to several scenarios that endanger your project’s swift, successful completion:

  • Dangerous conditions. Construction is a dangerous business. What you don’t know can hurt those working on the job site. In the last 20 years, more than 400 fatalities and some 2,000 injuries throughout the US and Canada have been linked to hitting underground infrastructure while excavating.
  • Time-consuming delays. Bringing a project in on time and on budget means sticking to a schedule. Surprises that cause injuries or require work to stop so that the situation can be reassessed wreak havoc on planned timetables.
  • Costly changes. The discovery of underground utilities can force you to alter your construction plans or reroute that infrastructure. Either option is likely to send your costs soaring.

Knowing what lies beneath your worksite before work begins is crucial to the success of your project. A thorough utility map assembles that vital information so that it can be put to good use. This not only keeps your job site safer but also reduces your financial risks. After all, creating accurate utility maps and using the information they convey during the site planning process means that potential pitfalls are identified and addressed in the planning stages when making changes is easier and more affordable.

Do you want your construction project to move seamlessly from the pre-construction phase to the final product? Work with an experienced design-build contractor. Instead of dividing responsibilities between an architect and a builder, the design build approach gives full responsibility for both designing and building to a single firm. This improves coordination, cooperation and communication so that you’ll see smooth progress.

At CBF Contracting, we’re proud to offer excellent design-build services. Our highly skilled team understands the value of teamwork, attention to detail and clear communication. We strive to deliver superior service and top-notch results while completing your project on time and on budget. Do you have questions about our pre-construction services or the design build approach? Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to learn more or discuss your next project.

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