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For large commercial construction projects, utilizing construction management services can be a wise decision to avoid common headaches with major projects. Construction management services helps to coordinate the different moving parts of large projects, helping your building or renovation finish on time and under budget. In addition, by working as your representative, construction management companies ensure that your own interests are protected throughout the project.

What Does a Construction Manager Do?
Construction managers fulfill many of the same roles as general contractors. They schedule workers, hire subcontractors, plan construction methods and much more. However, unlike general contractors, construction managers work as your employee for either an hourly rate or a flat fee.

Represent Your Needs
Construction managers are paid directly by you, earning either a flat fee or an hourly rate. This arrangement means that they answer directly to you and represent you throughout the project. As your representative on the construction site, construction managers will work hard to reach your project goals, such as working within your budget, maintaining your standards of quality, and getting the work done on your timeline.

Extensive Experience in Construction
Construction management companies have years of experience with all of the many elements of a construction project, from the early designs of a project to its completion. An experienced manager can offer advice on numerous topics, including construction materials and initial design ideas. Your manager can also give you cost estimates to help you create a realistic budget for your project, and he knows how to identify quality subcontractors to give you the best results for your money. In addition, your manager’s experience can help you set an achievable timeline for your project.

Optimized Workflow
In a large construction project, certain steps must be finished before other workers can proceed with their own tasks. For example, it’s useless to try to install windows if the walls haven’t even been built yet. Construction management services optimize the work schedule so that you won’t be paying workers to sit around while they wait for other workers to finish their tasks, saving both your time and money.

Relationships with Local Companies
Construction managers typically maintain solid working relationships with local companies. These relationships allow them access to the best prices for construction bids, and they also give you backup options in case one of your subcontractors doesn’t measure up. Instead of scrambling to find a replacement at the last minute, your manager’s network of contacts will likely include several potential contractors who can help your project finish on time.

Construction management services are a great way to keep all types of new buildings or office renovation on track.  They can also be an invaluable asset for especially demanding construction projects. By working directly with subcontractors and working as your representative at the construction site, construction managers can help contain costs while giving you greater control over your project. If you’d like to learn more about the construction management services at CBF Contracting, contact us today.

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