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Whether you need to construct a new commercial facility or renovate an older building, you have a number of options when selecting a commercial general contractor. When it comes time to choose your contractor, one aspect that’s often overlooked is the distinction between a local contractor and a national contractor. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider some of the perks of selecting a local western PA general contractor.

Knowledge of Local Laws
Working with a PA general contractor makes it easier for your project to progress smoothly. A local contractor who has been in the business for years is already familiar with the laws that may affect your project. In contrast, a national contractor may not be as familiar with all aspects of Pennsylvania construction law; noncompliance with aspects of Pennsylvania law can lead to fines and delays.

Connections with Subcontractors
General contractors often rely on subcontractors to finish specialized aspects of construction projects, such as electrical work. A local contractor may have a more established network of contacts, potentially reducing the cost or improving the quality of your final project. A national general contractor, on the other hand, may need to devote some time and resources to coming up with their own list. If a subcontractor falls through, it may cause delays as the contractor looks for a replacement.

Efficient Communication
Working with a contractor in your area means that you can communicate quickly and efficiently with each other. You won’t need to go through a representative of the national firm; you’ll be able to talk directly with the contractor in charge of your project. If the circumstances of your project change during the course of construction and you need to renegotiate the terms of your project, you won’t have to wait for approval from the head office to finalize the new details.

Keep Your Money Local
Buying local isn’t just a trend. It’s a way of life. If you hire a national general contractor, a portion of your construction costs will find their way back to the contractor’s head office. Working with a commercial PA general contractor, however, will keep your money in the local community. Shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to grow our local economies?

Greater Flexibility
Large national companies require solid guidelines to control their national operations. However, these guidelines can sometimes restrict the ability of the local office to change their policies and procedures to fit the nuances of your project. Local contractors can be more adaptable and nimble; your local contractor won’t have to get approval from the head office to deviate from their normal policies if the circumstances of your project require a more flexible approach.

There are some circumstances where working with a national contractor is a good idea, but for many projects, a local contractor can provide superior results at a comparable cost. CBF Contracting, Inc., is a Pittsburgh area general contractor with extensive experience in all aspects of commercial contracting, including design, renovations and complete builds. If you need a local commercial contractor for an upcoming project, please contact us for a quote.

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