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Before you hire a general contractor for your next construction project, you might want to consider hiring a construction management company to guide your project from initial conception to final completion.  A construction management company allows you to reduce costs and have greater control over your commercial construction project. Here’s what you can expect. When you hire a construction manager, they act as your advocate and representative from the design phase and through the construction of your project.  Your dedicated construction manager will help you enjoy a plan that may achieve the Holy Grail of construction: under budget and ahead of schedule.

What is Construction Management Company?

If you hire a construction manager, that person will be tasked with overseeing and coordinating all aspects of your project. Your manager will handle contract negotiations, hire and schedule employees, select construction methods, manage your timeline and watch your budget. Their specialized talents will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a seasoned construction professional without requiring you to funnel all of your construction needs through the same contractor.

Your Construction Manager

When hiring a construction management company, you can expect that your construction manager will work solely for you.  They aren’t beholden to the contractors working on your project. This outsider perspective eliminates any possible conflicts of interest, giving you confidence that the materials and construction methods going into your project have been chosen for suitability rather than profitability for the general contractor. Your construction manager will ensure that you always have someone looking out for your interests in all facets of your project.

Construction Project Management Streamlines Workflow

Since your construction manager is tasked solely with watching and guiding your commercial construction project to completion, scheduling mishaps can be minimized. For example, the crew in charge of tiling your floors won’t arrive at work until your facility has floors for them to tile. You can count on the experience of your construction manager to ensure that you’re not paying workers to watch paint dry or leaving your facility to rot as you wait for the next group of subcontractors to arrive.

Education and Experience Lead to Improved Decisions

You may be an expert at running your business, but you likely have far less experience at managing a construction project. A construction manager can educate you about construction methods and materials, providing you with valuable advice to help you make the right decisions about your project. Your construction manager will let you know when it’s okay to opt for a cheaper construction method and when it’s worth it to pay for a more expensive solution.

Construction Managers Keep Your Project On Spec

Without a central authority figure on site, some subcontractors are tempted to deviate from your established plans. Your construction manager can see the big picture and understands the importance of sticking to the plan. They can ensure that any subcontractors adhere to the requirements of the original design. If a subcontractor does bring up a valid problem with your design or plan, your construction manager has the expertise to understand their point and come to you with any necessary changes.

At CBF Contracting, we understand firsthand the benefits of construction management services. If you have an upcoming construction project, we strongly urge you to experience the difference that a qualified construction manager can bring to your project. Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to learn about the construction management services we offer.

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