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If you’re building or remodeling a commercial or industrial property, there’s an excellent chance you’ll need a commercial general contractor. But did you know that commercial contractors specialize in different areas? CBF Contracting Inc. can assist you with a wide array of projects thanks to our diverse menu of commercial contractor services.

Commercial Contractor Services

New Construction or Ground-Up Construction

When planning to transform an empty lot into the perfect location for your new venture, an experienced general contractor is a fantastic ally. If you already have the location, engage a commercial contractor to perform a site analysis and feasibility study. That is why you can minimize potential challenges with the land. If you aren’t working with an architect, consider a commercial contractor who provides design build services. They’ll take the project from idea to finished project. Working with a design build contractor offers greater efficiency, saving time, money, and stress.

Project Management

Commercial building construction can be complicated. Having a professional at the helm who will keep a careful eye on all the details ensures that things run more smoothly. Project managers will manage vital minutiae like schedules, bills, and budgets. They’ll deal with workers, suppliers, and subcontractors. Plus, they’ll arrange permits and inspections and check that all applicable safety rules are followed to ensure compliance issues won’t delay your project.

Turnkey Projects

Sometimes, you want to skip all the hassle and enjoy the finished results. Experienced general contractors can deliver that. Whether you’re seeking industrial building construction or traditional wood frame construction, the contractor can gather the needed information, complete the project independently, and turn over the key.

Tenant Build-outs

When a new commercial space is leased to a new tenant, build-outs change leased commercial spaces from barren, empty rooms to functional places full of personality and purpose. Building contractor services are pivotal in these alterations. Enlisting a tenant improvement contractor with proven skills in these transformations is wise.

Remodels and Renovations

General contractor services are essential when remodeling or renovating. These activities are a great way to bring a fresh appeal or new efficiency to a desired space. However, they can also unearth surprises and challenges. Often remodels will trigger ADA compliance issues or other building issues. Having an experienced commercial general contractor improves the odds of success.

Site Improvements

General contractor services don’t just shape buildings; they can also shape the land they sit on. Site improvements involve changes to the property that benefit or accommodate the structure that is or will be located there. Common examples include efforts for utilities, landscaping, hardscaping, and drainage.

Project Takeovers

It can be a nightmarish scenario if you find yourself working with a GC and it’s just not working out. You’re in the middle of a project, and there’s a total breakdown in your relationship with your contractor. They may disappear. They may quit. Or you may decide that the situation requires their termination. Now, you have a half-finished project with no one holding the reins. General contractors will take over a project that is already underway. Their efforts can save a faltering project by restoring order and confidence.

Commercial Contractor in Pennsylvania, Ohio & Western New York

CBF Contracting Inc. is proud to offer a wide range of commercial contractor services so that we can meet the needs of businesses in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. We’re happy to discuss our services, portfolio, and quality commitment. To explore how we can assist you, contact CBF Contracting Inc. today.

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