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While the primary task of a school is to educate, they are also used to feed students, shelter them, provide spaces for social interaction, offer safety and to encourage community service by fostering connections with the surrounding world. Building a school should support those efforts as well as educating students. What are the top considerations when building a new school?

Comfortable Learning
Discomfort interferes with a person’s ability to focus, so it makes sense that providing a comfortable environment promotes learning. An aesthetically pleasant space is just the beginning. Daylighting, the controlled admission of natural light, optimizes learning and improves mood. Accessibility allows everyone to make use of the space. Excellent classroom acoustics help children hear clearly facilitate listening, discussion, and learning. HVAC systems are also important because they affect both thermal comfort and air quality, factors that impact students’ comfort and health.

Flexible Spaces
School buildings often serve multiple communities. They can provide an educational center for students, a gathering place for the community and a source of shelter in times of emergency. In addition, they serve the needs of their communities, so it is vital that they contain flexible spaces that can be utilized by different groups in various ways. Areas that can be changed to accommodate varying class sizes and diverse activities provide flexibility that encourages productivity and makes the facility more useful for both its student body and the community.

Technology for Today and Tomorrow
Technology is everywhere, especially in schools. Since putting technology in the hands of students fosters learning, it’s imperative to include infrastructure in your school plans. As we prepare our next generation to use tech tools productively, educational facilities need to offer a variety of technology.  To accomplish this, schools need adequate wiring, cabling, and various equipment to stretch their students’ minds. While it ‘s hard to predict what the future holds, the ability to upgrade a school’s technological capabilities is an important consideration.

Securing Safety
No one likes to think about children being in precarious situations. Sadly, the danger is a fact of life, so protecting students from potential hazards with security measures is a must for school officials. Secure entries, security systems as well as operable windows and designs that accommodate emergency exits and the use of durable, non-toxic building materials are the top factors to consider.

Today’s schools are more than clusters of classrooms. They are facilities that house learning communities and serve students, their families, and the surrounding communities, so they need to be able to meet a diverse range of challenges. When you’re building a new school, it’s important to hire an experienced general contractor in Pennsylvania who is prepared to deliver a quality product that will stand the test of time. As a full-service commercial contractor who is committed to client satisfaction, CBF Contracting Inc. is prepared to fulfill all your school construction needs. Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to learn more about our services and inquire about a quote for your project.

Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to learn more about our services and inquire about a quote for your project.

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