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Commercial building cost estimates cover so many important factors. You want to be sure you’re getting the best quote for your project without compromising construction quality. Experienced commercial contractors expect you to compare bids, but not all bids are created equal.  Here are a few tips to streamline the selection process, and make the right choice when looking for a commercial building cost estimate.

Commercial Building Cost Estimates: Eight Ways to Get the Best Quote

1. Consider the Season
If you have room in your project timeline for schedule adjustments, consider building during the construction off-season.  Depending on the project, we can still move forward even if we have 5 feet of snow.  Most contractors bid more competitively when they aren’t busy.  Therefore, winter might be a good time to schedule a job.

2. Keep Bid Requests Consistent
It’s hard to compare quotes when you ask one contractor for a line-item bid and accept a broad proposal from another builder. Take some time to fine-tune your construction request for proposal. The goal is to receive competitive cost breakdowns across the board.  Therefore, it’s important to keep bid requests consistent.

3. Clarify Wants and Needs
Talk to a builder about your job’s requirements and the extras you’d like to include. An experienced contractor can help you find an affordable balance between the two. A clear understanding of your project wants and needs makes it easier to finalize an accurate commercial building construction cost.

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4. Ask About Previous Jobs
You want a commercial contractor with a solid reputation and deep industry experience. You also want a general contractor with a proven track record handling your type of project. That expertise is your assurance that a final quote factors in the specifics unique to your job.

5. Insist on Transparency
It’s easier to evaluate commercial building costs when they’re presented as line-item quotes. Insist on a detailed bid that accurately sums up your job’s projected commercial construction cost. Reputable contractors understand your need to compare competitive quotes.

6. Discuss Risk Management
Contingency planning should always be a part of the discussion when you consider a commercial building cost. This aspect of large-scale commercial construction is often handled best by a design build contractor who assumes responsibility for the project from drawings to construction. It’s the best way to lower your construction cost and maximize risk management.

7. Look Beyond Low Bids
Before going with the lowest bid, find out why a builder’s numbers are so competitive. A low commercial building construction cost can reflect a contractor’s time-saving techniques as well as indicate plans to use cheap building materials. When a construction cost estimate comes in surprisingly low, either turn the other way or ask for details.

8. Expect Clear Communication
Expect a commercial contractor to answer all your questions during the bidding process. Clear communication addresses problems and eliminates surprises. Knowing you’re getting honest input and reliable feedback makes it easier to trust a potential builder’s cost estimate.

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When you review bids from competing commercial construction contractors, we want you to make your final decision with confidence. CBF Contracting, Inc. is ready to demonstrate our capabilities as the region’s leading provider of large-scale building services.  Give us a call at 814-745-3000 to discuss your upcoming commercial construction project. We proudly stand ready to serve all your commercial and industrial construction needs.

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