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A damaged roof leaves a structure and its contents vulnerable. With the risk of disruption of business or disaster, it’s easy to see why a failing roof is bad for business. If your commercial building needs a new roof, consider thermoplastic polyolefin roofing or TPO roofing. A TPO roof is a favorite for commercial facilities. Let’s explore the many advantages this leading commercial roofing material offers.

Commercial TPO Roofing Systems

Cost of TPO Roofing

Since TPO roofing material is a single-ply rubber roofing designed for flat roofs, it can be lesser expensive than other types of commercial roofs.. Even though TPO requires professional installation, the process is fairly simple for pros with the right training and tools. TPO roof installers can roll the material out, cut it to fit, and ensure the seams are correctly welded without much fuss. As a result, this is one of the most cost-effective kinds of commercial roofing. If you hire a reputable TPO roof contractor and choose a quality product, you’ll generally receive an excellent return on your investment.


A TPO roofing membrane is made up of three layers that are bonded into a single potent material. Two layers of thermoplastic polyolefin surround an inner layer of polyester fabric. This structural sandwich creates the optimal mix of flexibility and durability. Air-welded seams only add to the strength of the installation. Once in place, TPO roofs are ready to keep stormy weather out and prepared to resist punctures and tears.

TPO Roof Repairs

Some flat rubber roofing materials are difficult to trace and repair leaks. TPO roofing isn’t like that. The same method used for welding seams during installation is used for repairs.


When powerful winds rocket through, TPO roofs are not a problem. You can confidently use this roofing for your warehouse roof replacement because it routinely wins high wind ratings.

TPO Roof Colors

TPO roofs are typically white, which delivers a fresh, clean look. However, that’s not the only option. Other colors, including grey and black, are available for those who want a different look. These light colors also play into the next advantage.

Energy Efficiency

TPO roofs, especially those that are white or other light colors, are energy efficient. A white TPO roof will reflect heat and ultraviolet, or UV, light. This can help to keep energy bills in check. As a bonus, these sturdy roofs also resist exposure to chemicals, grease, and ozone.

Fire Safety

Fire-resistant materials make a building safer because they can slow the spread of fire. This can save lives by giving anyone inside more time to escape. It may also reduce damage by buying more time for responders to arrive and limiting the fire’s impact. If fire retardant chemicals are combined during manufacturing, you can get fire-resistant TPO roofing.

Environmental Friendliness

Going green is a popular choice.  When looking for environmentally friendly roofing material, TPO roofing is completely recyclable. Some versions have Energy Star rankings. In addition, TPO is free of chlorine.

CBF is a TPO Roofing Contractor

TPO roofs don’t have the centuries-long history of other roofing systems. Even though TPO is a fairly new technology, it is still evolving. In addition, a good TPO roofing system from a trusted contractor will come with a warranty. At CBF Contracting, we’re committed to delivering excellent work with quality products. Contact us today if you’re searching for a fully insured and bonded contractor to provide TPO commercial roofing services.

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