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Some only see problems when they look at abandoned malls. Others recognize that these vacant retail centers offer a unique opportunity. These massive buildings are generally located in an area that people can access easily by public transportation and major transportation routes. But the question usually remains. How can you use these abandoned malls? If your imagination needs a little fuel, consider these popular ideas for mall conversions.

Top Ideas for Mall Conversions

Residential Units
Affordable housing is always in high demand. Converting old mall buildings into cleverly designed residential lofts, apartments or condos is an effective way to deliver affordable housing. Whether a mall renovation is all-in on residential units or creates a mixed-use space, incorporating places that people want to call home can have a positive economic impact within the community

Hotels and Resorts
In their heyday, malls were coveted destinations. Transforming old shopping mall real estate into conveniently located hotels and resorts can restore that status. When visitors bring their wallets to town, both the businesses housed in the former mall and those in the surrounding area benefit.

Data Centers
Today, everyone needs reliable internet access which makes solid information technology absolutely crucial. Data centers fill this need. Thanks to some innovative mall conversions, they’re also filling former retail centers. The sheer size of the space makes an abandoned mall a perfect space for a data center. The cost for conversion is still less expensive than buying land and starting from scratch.

Office Spaces
Businesses that require room to grow are often hunting for flexible office space. A mall conversion can fulfill the needs of companies large and small. Security infrastructure is already in place as well as ample parking.

Medical Facilities
With the growing demand for quality health care within a community, medical providers are thinking outside of the hospital. Medical clinics, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, labs, and imaging and care centers are finding homes in repurposed retail centers. When relocating these medical services to an abandoned mall, another consideration is the new location is also on a public transportation route. The new health services are more accessible and can help communities build healthier populations.

Recreational Spaces
Studies suggest that many Americans would rather accumulate experiences than material goods. Mall conversions can bring valuable shopping mall real estate in line with this trend. Turning old malls into recreational spaces generates interest and foot traffic. Escape rooms, theaters, video arcades, roller rinks, haunted houses and children’s play areas are just a few possibilities.

Learning Centers
Transforming empty retail centers into functional learning centers is another smart choice. Charter schools can make excellent use of this space, and they’re not the only ones. Martial arts schools, dance programs, gyms offering classes in fitness and nutrition, and other learning centers can also bring new energy to former malls.

Are you planning a mall conversion project? To bring your vision to life successfully, you’ll need an experienced commercial general contractor. At CBF Contracting Inc., we’ll see your project through from design to completion. We are located outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and offer full-service commercial and industrial contracting services in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio since 1978. We bring a skillful blend of people, products, planning and services to every project. Whether it’s a mall conversion, a new construction project or a large-scale build-out, we have the experience and resources to do the job right the first time. To discuss the possibilities or request a quote, contact us today.

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