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Why are so many companies leaving traditional construction favorites like brick and wood behind in favor of metal and steel? Savvy business owners pay attention to the bottom line, and it’s clear that steel building construction offers many advantages that are hard to beat. That’s why CBF Contracting, Inc. is proud to use Star Building Systems. Here are a few reasons why steel building construction makes sense.

Steel Building Construction is Customizable

Commercial steel buildings aren’t big boring gray boxes. They’re whatever you want them to be. Steel buildings come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to adjust them to suit the needs of a particular business. Are you craving a massive open space that’s unhindered by pillars or columns? A steel structure can be stronger than wood frame construction, it can safely deliver bigger spaces with fewer structural interruptions.

Steel Buildings Are Adaptable

In a rapidly changing world, you need a commercial building that can keep up with your business growth. Steel buildings are better at doing that. Walls can be moved to create new layouts. Beams and girders can be reinforced or relocated to accommodate changing weight loads. Plus, steel framing and floor systems provide easy access to wiring and networking systems.

Steel Buildings Are Safer

In 2017, there were 1.3 million fires across the U.S. Steel buildings may not be fireproof, but they are resistant to fire. When fire spreads more slowly, it’s safer for everyone involved. Of course, that’s not the only way these buildings are safer. Steel’s strength means that these buildings also offer increased resistance against both high winds and earthquakes.

Steel Buildings Spring Up Fast

With prefabricated steel buildings, steel building contractors manufacture components offsite. It’s done under controlled conditions using skilled craftsmen. Then, they transport these sections to the job site for installation. As a result, a steel building often goes up in 50% of the time it would take to construct a comparable wood-frame building. When time is money, that kind of speed matters.

Steel Building Construction is a Cost-Effective Option

The cost of steel buildings generally runs about 30% less than traditional construction. The speedy nature of building with steel is just one thing that helps to keep their costs down. After all, building with steel means that you’ll get an accelerated schedule, reduced labor costs, and faster use of your investment. Plus, the material’s lighter weight translates to a simpler foundation and other building economies. In addition, steel is a desirable resource, so if there are any scraps, you won’t need to pay for someone to haul them away.

Steel Buildings Are Environmentally Friendly

How green are prefabricated steel buildings? There are so many ways. For starters, steel is recyclable. It’s also light, which means transporting it to and from a job site isn’t as damaging as moving heavier materials can be. Steel is also energy efficient. In hot climates, heat radiates away quickly from steel roofs. In cold climates, double steel walls can easily be insulated to create a space that’s easier to heat or cool.

Steel building construction can be a fantastic way to move forward when your company is ready to expand or relocate. As a metal building contractor, CBF Contracting is proud to offer STAR steel buildings. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities, reach out to us today.

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