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There was a time the safety of a building meant the quality of building materials used to build a strong structure that would withhold winds and snow. However, today building safety means something entirely different. When office building security tops the agenda, things like security cameras and lighting often take center stage. These options have value. However, thoughtful design and quality construction can also offer enhanced office building security. How can you incorporate safety in your next commercial renovation or construction project?

Top Office Building Security Considerations

Start Outside With Parking
Vehicles are everyday items, useful tools and potential weapons. That makes managing the flow of cars and trucks around an office building an important security consideration. Barriers like fences, walls and bollards placed strategically near entrances and other vulnerable locations can enhance safety.

Take Charge With Building Access Control
Unauthorized visitors are a major security concern in any building. That’s why integrating access control into the design of your commercial construction project is a smart move. Ultimately, the goal is to control access to the building, keep track of those inside and bar entrance to those who do not belong there. This starts by directing people to enter the building through a monitored area or areas. It may also involve having systems like badges, key fobs and security cameras that control and monitor movement through the building.

Give Walls Their Due
What’s in a wall? It’s not something many people ponder. However, it can be a matter of extreme importance in the event of an active shooter, fire or natural disaster. Walls offer greater resistance than windows to everything from gunfire and collisions to fires and high winds. However, not all walls are equal when it comes to surviving threats. Materials like brick and concrete are better able to withstand physical threats than drywall.

Secure Doors and Windows
Doors and windows serve many functions, and providing security should be one of them. Whether they open with an old-fashioned key or a modern key fob, installing high-quality locking mechanisms on all doors and windows is a simple way to improve office building security. It’s also worth considering the quality of the doors and windows themselves. Sturdy doors and reinforced glass are valuable features in vulnerable places.

Consider Fire Safety
Taking steps to slow or halt the spread of smoke and flames can save both lives and property. Installing smoke detectors, fire alarms or sprinkler systems gives the building’s occupants more time to evacuate. Using fire-resistant materials can also slow the flames and limit the extent of the damage. Your floor plan may also be a factor. After all, fires may not rely on doors, but they do have their own favored routes. Understanding how fires travel and weighing how a floor plan is likely to impact a fire’s path can also limit the potential for losses.

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Smart design and quality construction work hand in hand with a strong building security system to make commercial facilities safer. At CBF Contracting Inc., we can help you explore ways to build security into your project. Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to learn more or discuss your commercial project.

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