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Having a business plan is great, but, as we know, life is full of unpredictable twists and turns. When the unexpected happens, turning to those we already know for assistance can be a smart choice. That’s certainly true if you find that restoration work is required at your commercial property. In fact, there are several reasons why reaching out to your original commercial contractor for help with any needed fixes makes sense.

Established Credibility
As an experienced property owner, you know better than to select a commercial builder on a whim. Before hiring someone, you go through painstaking efforts to vet them by reviewing their credentials, qualifications and reputation. That takes time that you might not have in an emergency situation. If you’re dealing with roof damage, a commercial roof replacement or some other time-sensitive matter, opting for a commercial contractor you already know you can trust is simply sensible.

Familiarity With Your Property
If there’s an urgent need for repairs, it could possibly make sense to combine it with your upcoming renovation, build-out or commercial tenant improvement. The general contractor who built or worked on your building previously will likely have some insights on how to proceed with the repairs as well as the addition. After all, a professional who is already familiar with the property will be able to easily repair the problem and offer ways to improve the design.

Single Point of Contact
Whether it’s an emergency or a regular project, one of the major advantages of hiring general contractors is that they take charge of the construction. You don’t have to track down and vet a plumber, an electrician, a roofer and various installers who can take care of the tile and furnishings. Your general contractor will take care of hiring all the commercial subcontractors for you.

Project Management and Accountability
Leaving the project in the hands of your trusted commercial contractor means that they’ll handle the project management. They’ll find the necessary tradesmen, ensure the proper supplies are on hand, and schedule the delivery and work appropriately. It also means that the contractor serves as a single point of accountability. If things go wrong, you won’t have to deal with a mix of people pointing fingers. Your general contractor will intervene to sort out miscommunications and find a solution. Ultimately, having a commercial general contractor in charge reduces your stress and costs and paves the way for a successful project.

Contacts and Experience
Experienced contractors bring a lot of knowledge to the table. Even when dealing with the unexpected, they often know of a workable solution. In fact, they may be providing a similar fix for other customers if the issue is widespread. Established firms also bring connections. While you may not know who to call for certain supplies or information, there’s an excellent chance that your commercial contractor does. They may also be able to get better prices for materials or services.

When you need a commercial contractor you can trust, turn to CBF Contracting Inc. We take pride in delivering top-quality commercial projects that respect your schedule and your budget. Keep us in mind the next time there is an emergency. If you’re currently dealing with a restoration project, let us know if we can help.

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