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The value of your commercial building depends on many factors, including its location. Although you can’t pick up your building and move it elsewhere, you can improve the structure through renovations and make it more appealing to a wider variety of prospective business clients. Working with a general contractor can help you identify ways to improve the value of your commercial space.

Here are a few ideas where you can add value to your commercial building construction project.  Some may cost more than others, but all will provide a positive ROI.

Top Commercial Building Renovations

Improve the Entryway

No matter the type of business, getting customers into the door is a priority. An entryway with dated fixtures and poor lighting could be the cause that customers stay away.  A structural overhaul with new doors and windows can give the commercial space a major facelift without a huge investment. Don’t neglect the area immediately inside the entryway; opening up the lobby space and installing new light fixtures can make it more welcoming. Customers are very safety conscious these days.  The more lighting the better. These efforts can also help in increasing your ADA compliance guidelines.

Invest in Energy Upgrades

A commercial building with the latest features can appeal to a number of potential clients. Energy-efficient commercial spaces, for example, are popular with business owners who want to spend less money on monthly bills. There are a number of ways to improve a building’s efficiency, including replacing the doors, the windows and a commercial roof replacement. A new heating and cooling system can make a building greener and more comfortable at the same time.

Add More Usable Space

The layout and usable space of a commercial building can significantly influence its value. If your commercial space has a poorly designed or dated layout with excessive hallways or closets, for example, the value of the building will likely suffer. Unusable spaces, including unfinished rooms, also decrease the building’s value; finishing a room can transform a useless storage area into a functional office. You don’t need to have a full renovation to make changes to your floor plan. Removing a wall to turn two rooms into a bigger room can add more usable space to your building. Potential buyers will see the open space as a blank canvas.

Make Timely Repairs

Keeping your building in top shape is a good way to keep ahead of the game. Delaying repairs can allow problems to worsen, costing you more money in the long run and impacting your building’s occupants. Although you may be able to handle some minor repairs on your own, a general contractor can deal with bigger issues, such as damage to an interior wall. In some cases, renovating a problematic area may make more financial sense than repairs. For example, replacing old and broken windows with energy-efficient windows will probably give you a bigger return on your investment. Hiring a PA general contractor to perform commercial remodeling services and upgrades as your budget will allow to constantly increase the value of your space.

If your commercial building could use a little sprucing up, contact CBF Contracting, Inc. For years, we’ve helped our commercial clients in the western Pennsylvania area with both new building construction and commercial renovation services. Contact us at 814-745-3000 to learn more about our construction renovation services to boost the value of your commercial space.

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