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Over the last several years, steel and metal buildings have seen a huge increase in popularity.  Whether pre-fab metal buildings or modular construction, they offer many advantages over traditional commercial construction. CBF Contracting is a proud supporter of STAR Building Systems.  We’ve outlined a few great reasons why smart companies choose metal buildings when they need to update or expand their commercial facilities.

Why Choose Commercial Steel Buildings

Custom Designs
The days of steel building with cookie-cutter silhouettes are long gone. Now, modern steel buildings can come in all shapes and sizes. It’s easy to create the look and layout that you need to get the job done. Will your facility serve as a retail space or a medical clinic for people or pets? Is it going to be a winery or a restaurant? What about a warehouse, an office or a classroom? Steel buildings are incredibly versatile, so a metal building contractor can design and assemble a customized structure perfect for practically any purpose.

Businesses that choose commercial steel buildings are:

  • Food storage and refrigeration units
  • Equestrian Stables
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Church buildings
  • Industrial mining structures
  • Retail stores

Economical Construction
Every business owner will tell you time is money. Do you want your new building fast? Prefabrication allows builders to cut construction time without sacrificing quality. How does this work? With prefab metal buildings, pieces are carefully designed, cut and tested under controlled conditions. Then, they are transported to the worksite. Assembly goes quickly, which saves you time and labor costs. This means you’ll have your building sooner and save money on its cost. How much can you expect to save? That varies depending on the complexity of the project and other factors. A prefab metal building generally goes up between 30% and 50% faster than a wood frame construction building. In addition to the time savings of a commercial steel building, it costs around 30% less.

Steel has a well-earned reputation for toughness, so it should be no surprise that commercial steel buildings deliver proven durability. They don’t flinch from high winds, nasty storms or heavy snow loads in the winter. Unlike a wood frame building, steel components won’t split, swell, warp, twist, shrink, rot or burn, so the risk of fire or pest damage is low. Likewise, maintenance requirements are minimal. When properly constructed, commercial metal buildings will serve your business well for years without demanding much from you.

Green Construction
Is being environmentally friendly a priority? Then, you’ll want to look into steel building construction. Steel offers superior temperature control capabilities. Your new building will enjoy amazing energy efficiency, so your energy bills should be easy on your budget. In addition, steel’s durability and longevity mean that you should get decades of use from the structure. What about when its useful life ends and the time comes to replace the building? Steel is 100% recyclable.

CBF Contracting Inc. is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are a full-service commercial general contractor serving western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and western New York. If you’re searching for solid commercial steel buildings, we’re proud to offer STAR steel buildings. Pre-engineered, prefabricated buildings delivered directly to your job site.  Custom steel buildings can be tailored to fit your company’s needs with unique floor plans and special touches like masonry, wood trim and storefront windows. If you’d like to learn more about STAR steel buildings, call us at 814-745-3000.

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