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The construction of assisted living facilities presents some unique challenges. In the past, the focus was on functionality and the ability to deliver health care effectively. Today’s assisted living facilities must do more. The need to facilitate the smooth delivery of health care services remains a priority; however, a greater value is placed on comfort, vibrancy, flexibility and livability. What considerations should the construction process for an assisted living facility include?

Assisted Living Facilities Construction Process

Choosing the Right Contractor

A commercial construction contractor who is familiar with the ins and outs of building senior assisted living facilities is an invaluable ally. Their expertise can help you avoid costly oversights and ensure that all necessary considerations are addressed. Working with a contractor worthy of your trust increases the chances of a smooth, successful project. It also allows you to feel confident that a top-notch assisted living facility will be delivered on time and on budget. What should you look for in a contractor? Look for an established professional who has completed projects similar in nature to yours. Choose a contractor with a reputation for delivering excellent quality, service and value.

Meeting Licensing Requirements

All construction is subject to federal, state and local rules and regulations. However, the legal requirements and regulations governing senior living construction are particularly tough. These requirements also vary from state to state. It’s important to educate yourself about the guidelines in place for your location and be sure that your facility will be prepared to meet them. A commercial contractor who has already completed assisted living projects can also offer guidance in this area.

Building on a Budget

It’s fun to imagine what you could do with an unlimited budget. Unfortunately, you have a finite amount of cash to direct toward constructing an assisted living facility. It’s important to allocate your budget wisely. This means making smart choices about everything from materials and mechanical systems to amenities and finishes. An experienced contractor can help you get top-quality results and stay wtihin your budget.

Considering the Wants and Needs of Future Residents

Assisted care facilities are neither hotels nor medical centers. Instead, they share qualities with both. A shift toward person-driven care has brought an increasing interest in comfort and livability. However, the need for safety, security and the efficient delivery of health care services remains. Creating appealing spaces for living, dining, recreation and transportation is not enough. Features that address the varying mobility and health needs of residents must be integrated into these areas. The designs of today’s senior assisted living facilities must deliver both form and function. Striking a balance between the needs of the individual and the institution is vital.

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