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When it comes to working with commercial construction contractors, planning is the most important part of the building process since it affects every other step. Many people must cooperate under the guidance of a few decision makers, so clear communication and expectations are necessary from day one. This advice sounds like common sense, but what exactly should go into planning for your next commercial construction project? Below are some tips for navigating the early stages of your next commercial construction project so that the job meets your deadlines and doesn’t exceed your budget.

Keep Your Budget Realistic
If you need to secure funding, having a thoroughly detailed budget is mandatory. Even if you’re financing the project yourself, you must balance the costs with the expected return on your investment, and the best way to do that is to account for all expenses from the beginning. It’s best to expect the unexpected, so set aside some extra cash in case you need to make changes during construction.

Don’t Always Take the Lowest Bid
Once you’ve decided how much you can spend, do not automatically gravitate to the cheapest commercial construction companies. Commercial General Contractors who bid low are often overburdened and prioritize quantity of work over quality of work, which means you risk missing deadlines or having to pay someone else to finish the job.

Carefully Vet Your Contractor

  1. Choose a company that has substantial experience with the type of project you’re building. Constructing a healthcare facility is different than constructing a retail store. However, some commercial construction contractors may specialize in building both. If you find a General Contractor that only builds hospitals, you might want to consider that before hiring them to build a grocery store.
  2. You should bring in a contractor before your architect draws any plans so that everyone can collaborate from the beginning.
  3. Choose a company that offers design/build services. See more tips on picking the right commercial contractor for you.

Make a Realistic Project Schedule
Scheduling is often the most difficult part of planning for a commercial construction project. If you’re worried that your benchmarks are too optimistic, then they probably are. Missed deadlines lead to increased costs, which can quickly grow out of control. Anticipate minor setbacks such as inclement weather and have regular meetings with your contractor to address unexpected issues as soon as they arise.

Keep Communication Positive
The most important ingredient for a successful build is establishing effective communication. Small frustrations and differences of opinion are common during the construction process. However, how you deal with them determines how well the finished product comes together.

Once you’ve made a plan, you need a team of trusted professionals to help you stick to it. For 40 years, CBF Contracting has been one the premier commercial construction companies near Pittsburgh servicing Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Western New York State because we always meet deadlines and always surpass expectations. Request a quote online or call us at 814-745-3000 to discuss your next project.

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