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What can you do to stay within a commercial construction budget while reducing or eliminating cost overruns? While it’s true that there are certain factors beyond human control that can result in costly delays, the majority of projects that cost more than expected haven’t fallen victim to a natural disaster. Poor planning is a much more common culprit. It’s important to choose a general contractor who has experience with the planning phase to anticipate these issues thereby staying within your commercial construction budget.  Additionally, implementing these tips will increase the odds that your project will be delivered on time and within its budget.

1. Deliver a complete design.
Have you ever tried to put together a jigsaw puzzle that is missing pieces? It takes longer because you have to figure out how to deal with what isn’t there. Oddly enough, many architects only promise to provide plans and specs for a general design intent; in-depth design details might be missing. That lack of specifics can lead to confusion and change orders that drive up building construction costs. To avoid this, deliver complete designs to your general contractor in order to develop an in-depth commercial construction budget. When hiring an architect, make it clear that they are to provide you with a complete set of drawings, specs, and all related documents and reports.  Another option would be to choose a Design-Build Contractor that offers architect services as well as construction services so there is no finger-pointing at the end of the day.

2. Pay attention to the details during the bidding process.
Design details aren’t the only ones that matter. When reviewing bids from contractors, read them carefully. Does the contractor demonstrate a clear understanding of the full scope of your project? How does their construction estimating compare to their competitors’ estimates? Do you get the feeling that they understand your desires and can deliver a quality product? Although low bids can be tempting, be wary. Too often, accepting the lowest bid simply because of its pretty price tag results in additional expenses and nasty shocks. Before signing a contract with a contractor, review it carefully to be sure that you understand exactly what is promised and how any issues that arise will be addressed.

3. Choose an experienced, reputable contractor.
Bringing in a quality construction product as promised isn’t easy. Doing it repeatedly with project after project requires skill, knowledge, experience and commitment. When assembling the team for your next commercial construction project, choose a reputable general contractor who has shown that they have what it takes to get the job done. Poor control practices and project management policies can set the stage for expensive mistakes, including technical problems, inaccurate estimates, and improper scheduling that wastes time and money. An experienced contractor knows how to set priorities and utilize effective practices. Their proven professionalism ensures that your project runs smoothly.

4. Make communication a priority.
Good communication is vital to controlling construction costs. Ask questions when necessary and make it easy for your contractor to keep you informed as your project progresses. Staying in touch will help prevent uncomfortable surprises and facilitate the handling of any hiccups that occur during the construction process.

As a full-service commercial construction contractor servicing western Pennsylvania, western New York and eastern Ohio, CBF Contracting understands that a successful build requires the skillful merging of people, planning, products and services. Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to learn how we can assist you with your next commercial construction project.

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