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Engineering services are vitally important in so many aspects of construction. An engineering miscalculation can have serious consequences. Meticulous engineering services are essential to any commercial construction project. When engineering services are included in your pre-construction services, they improve your bottom line, safety and efficiency.

Commercial Engineering Services Include:

Electrical Design

Few people pay attention to electrical systems when they’re working well. However, any interruption quickly proves how vital a reliable electrical system is. Electrical design services do more than plan for power and lighting. They also include planning for telecom and data systems, emergency generators, and fire alarms and safety features.

Power Studies

Flaws and failures in your power system can endanger people, equipment and the structure. Evaluations provide a clear picture of how your electrical system works. They include: short-circuit studies, protective device coordination studies, and arc flash and shock hazard analyses. These power studies offer an opportunity to pinpoint potential problems and identify possible improvements.

Energy Analysis

Is your energy system up to the task? How will it fare in the future? Developing the right energy system to handle your business is critical. It’s also a great way to improve efficiency, making the facility more environmentally friendly. As a bonus, improving efficiency can offer substantial savings on your energy costs.

HVAC Design

HVAC systems contribute to the comfort and health of space. The technology is continually evolving. It can be complex, especially for a sizeable commercial construction project. Engineers may calculate thermal loans and design and size systems. They may also manage equipment layouts, control systems, and plumbing and electrical needs.

Plumbing Design

Like electrical systems, plumbing systems are rarely in the spotlight unless there’s a problem. Plumbing failures can set the stage for water damage, mold issues, drainage problems, ventilation troubles, and other health and safety threats. It’s important to have a solid plumbing design that can handle your specific needs.

Other Mechanicals

Climate control and restrooms are fairly standard requirements. However, commercial and industrial complexes often have needs that demand additional mechanical systems. Mechanical design services can stretch beyond plumbing, piping and HVAC. They may also include compressed air, natural gas and other mechanical systems.


Construction drawings provide needed information in a useful format. They help ensure that everyone involved in your construction project is on the same page. Pre-construction engineering efforts often include drafting these documents via AutoCAD. This prevents costly misunderstandings or mistakes.

Engineering services are only one component of pre-construction services. Pre-planning is the key to streamlining the process of any commercial construction project.

At CBF Contracting Inc., we understand that planning, effective communication and solid leadership are essential to delivering a quality result. As an industry leader, we’ve built our reputation by completing each job correctly the first time. Our engineers work closely with our architects, contractors and other team members. They provide top-notch engineering services that allow us to plan effectively, identify potential problems quickly, and craft solutions or recommend improvements early when changes are more affordable.

How can we help you ensure that your next commercial construction project is a success? If you’re looking for a Pittsburgh general contractor, consider CBF Contracting. Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to learn more about our services or request a quote.

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