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A commercial construction project is a complex puzzle with a multitude of moving pieces. Project management offers an effective way to make sure that all those pieces end up in their proper places. Delivering quality construction management services requires a comprehensive understanding of the construction process. Companies that provide construction project management services use their expertise to optimize workflow and minimize the potential for missteps. They oversee the project from its beginning to its end, helping you get the best return on your investment. How does construction project management work? The process can be broken down into four stages.

Stage One: Design 
Every successful build starts with an idea. During the design stage, a construction management company begins the work of transforming a concept into a reality. This involves identifying the project’s objectives and evaluating its feasibility. After outlining the desires, goals, requirements and possible hurdles, an initial design is created. Then, it is refined to reflect the ongoing decision-making process. It’s also checked to ensure that it meets all local building codes and regulations. Why is it valuable to have the contractor charged with managing the big picture cast an expert eye over the design? Making changes is easier and more affordable during this stage. Catching and correcting potential problems early keeps stress levels and costs lower.

Stage Two: Preconstruction 
With the design in hand, the project moves into the preconstruction phase. Here, the construction project coordinator confirms that the assembled team is working together smoothly. Then, the focus turns to how to best use time, funds and other resources to complete the project successfully. The schedule, budget and scope of work are defined. Construction methods are chosen, and employees are hired and scheduled. A strategy is decided on, responsibilities are assigned, and contingencies are planned for. Laying this groundwork lets the project move forward efficiently. It also provides support to efforts to maintain quality and safety standards.

Stage Three: Procurement 
With the planning completed and the workforce in place, it’s time for the procurement stage. The building project management team’s attention turns to more tangible matters. The necessary materials and equipment are purchased. Making certain that the right building blocks and tools will be in the right place at the right time is critical to keeping a project on time and on budget.

Stage Four: Construction 
With the start of the construction stage, the building begins. Execution is obviously a major part of this phase but monitoring and controlling the process are also vital. The project management coordinator must juggle a variety of issues. These including site access, work hours, and the storage and deployment of materials and equipment. Quality control, safety and cost management also remain active concerns for the construction management team. Progress is carefully monitored, and problem-solving skills are deployed as necessary. At the end of this stage, the construction of your new building is complete.

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