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Commercial renovation projects can be quite costly.  It’s important to try and stay open for business while remodeling.  Yet, this can present many challenges.  If you are considering staying open for business during a commercial renovation, make sure to select a Pennsylvania commercial construction company that can accommodate the needs of your clients and employees.

First and most importantly, perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine if remaining operational during renovations is reasonable. Keep in mind that some businesses, such as restaurants, cannot legally operate during construction due to health codes.

If you’re committed to keeping your doors open while you remodel, consider the following factors:

  1. Work Hours – Being picky work hours can result in longer construction schedules and higher costs, but you have to do what’s best for your business. While vetting contractors, you may want to ask if they can accommodate unconventional work schedules to minimize the impact renovations have on your employees and guests.
  2. Transparency – Post memos for employees and clients to keep them informed about your renovation plans. Include your reasons for renovating and the measures you’re taking to minimize disruptions. Feel free to solicit feedback and make adjustments if necessary.
  3. Construction Zones – Restrict access to areas that are currently under construction. Be sure to establish unoccupied zones separating construction areas from business areas. Having such a buffer limits noise and potential health hazards.
  4. Containment Barriers – Invest in proper barriers to prevent poor air quality. Your HVAC unit may require adjustments to ensure that particulates from construction areas do not contaminate your work areas. Some rooms may also have to be pressurized for this purpose. An experienced contractor can provide guidance for maintaining optimal air quality during construction.

Staying Safe During a Commercial Renovation

Before construction begins, you need a safety plan. Below are some steps you can take to protect your employees and customers during renovations:

  • Post updated maps indicating which areas are currently under construction, and highlight all evacuation routes.
  • Give your vendors the renovation schedule in case you need to make special accommodations for them.
  • Designate someone to sweep construction areas every hour.
  • Long extension cords stretching across your office or sales floor can be particularly hazardous, so try to limit their use.
  • Give your employees protective gear if necessary.
  • Create an emergency plan for safely shutting down operations in case your building becomes uninhabitable due to air quality issues or other unforeseen problems.

CBF Contracting Can Keep You in Business During Commercial Construction and Renovation

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