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STAR Steel Buildings

Expanding your business has never been easier thanks to STAR steel buildings. These pre-engineered steel buildings can be used for warehouses, office buildings, classrooms and even full retail stores.  STAR steel buildings are prefabricated and delivered directly to your commercial property. When it comes to materials, steel is always the most reliable and cost-efficient option, and there’s no steel stronger than STAR brand steel products. As a design-build company, CBF Contracting can customize STAR building systems with wood exterior trim, masonry and even storefront windows so that they either match or stand out from surrounding architecture.

STAR Steel Buildings Serve a Variety of Purposes

CBF can design and build any STAR metal building to our clients’ specifications. Steel or metal buildings are a smart choice if you need multiple buildings on the same property.  We specialize in creating all types of STAR pre-engineered buildings such as:

  • Food storage and refrigeration units
  • Equestrian Stables
  • Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Church buildings
  • Industrial mining structures
  • Retail stores

The Benefits of STAR Metal Buildings

Steel has become the gold standard for commercial metal buildings because it provides several advantages over traditional building materials including:

  • Unparalleled durability to withstand harsh climates and heavy snow loads
  • Superior temperature control capabilities
  • Flexible design options
  • Lower utility bills thanks to enhanced energy efficiency
  • Virtually no maintenance requirements

Cost Savings with Steel Buildings

As companies try to trim commercial construction costs, STAR buildings just make sense.  You actually save two ways working with pre-fab metal buildings (1) time and (2) materials. Construction costs can be upwards of 50% over traditional building materials.  Commercial steel buildings are pre-built before they arrive at the job site, those savings are passed to you.  Instead, you’ll enjoy quicker construction with durable materials and flexible customization.

CBF Contracting Designs and Builds STAR Metal Buildings

CBF Contracting is a preferred STAR steel building contractor.  We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with clients.  That’s why we only use the strongest materials to ensure that your new STAR metal building will survive all seasons for many decades to come. In addition to aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency, STAR brand buildings offer factory-assured consistent performance. Each piece of STAR metal is the product of an arduous quality-controlled manufacturing process. STAR steel buildings allow for easy incorporation of wood, glass and masonry to create unique structures that can either stand out or blend in with their surroundings. Visit the STAR website for more information about the benefits of choosing a STAR metal building.

Grow Your Business With Prefabricated Buildings

Whether you need one or one hundred prefabricated buildings, CBF Contracting is equipped and ready to take on your next commercial construction project. We work closely with diverse clients in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Western New York State to deliver customized general contractor services ranging from ground-up projects to large-scale industrial and commercial build-outs. CBF Contracting has been in business for more than three decades thanks to our commitment to excellence, cost and quality management. Call us today at 814-745-3000 for a consultation to start designing your new STAR steel building today.

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