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When you’re talking to a commercial contractor about your new commercial building construction project, some questions are obvious. We hear them every time we meet with a potential client. Other questions aren’t so popular, but they should be. What questions should customers be asking commercial builders? Here are a few that we think should be on the list.

Commercial Building Construction Questions

1. Who Is Responsible for Designing the Plans?
This depends on you. Some firms offer design build services. Others offer design-bid-build construction services. At CBF Contracting, we do both. With our longstanding relationships with area architects and engineers, we have a strong team that excels at delivering a cohesive design build experience. However, if you prefer to work with an architect of your own choosing, we can provide you with the top-notch commercial general contractor services needed to bring those plans to fruition.

2. Do You Keep a Job Safety Record?
Precision matters in construction. Injuries in the workplace can lead to costly delays. They can also be red flags for the kind of sloppiness and inferior craftsmanship that you don’t want on your job. CBF Contracting is committed to both safety and quality. We keep safety records and adhere to yearly safety training.

3. Will You Hire Sub-contractors for My Commercial Construction Project?
Few contractors have every skill needed for every project represented in-house. Hiring sub-contractors is a standard industry practice. CBF Contracting has established long-term relationships with a group of skilled, vetted subcontractors.

4. How Are Projects Supervised?
Who’s watching the progress of the project to ensure that work flows smoothly, and interval deadlines are met? At CBF, all commercial building construction projects are supervised by a construction manager. Regular meetings and updates ensure that everything is continuing as planned and benchmarks are being met.

5. What Is the Expected Timeline for My Construction Project?
Time is money, so it’s no surprise that you need to know what to expect. Talk with your contractor. Ask about things that might cause delays. If you’ve received a bid, review it to see if the proposed timeline seems reasonable. CBF Contracting outlines the expected timeline in the bid. If you decide that we’re the contractor you want to work with, we’ll provide a schedule for your new commercial building construction project. Our team works diligently to adhere to the proposed timeline.

6. How Soon Can You Start on My Project?
With any project, it’s important to take the time to gather all information and tools necessary to get organized. If your project is a design-bid-build, then the commercial contractor needs time to review the plans that they’ve received from the architect. In a design build situation, the team needs time to create plans and get them approved. Once all plans are approved, your contractor will get to work assembling a timeline, arranging for permits, scheduling subcontractors, and ensuring that manpower and materials are where they’re needed. The time needed for this depends on the size, scope, and complexity of your project. The time it takes to collect needed resources and your contractor’s schedule are also factors, so the only way to find out when your contractor can start on your project is to talk to your contractor.

At CBF Contracting, we think communication is vital. We understand you have lots of questions when starting a new project. Lean on our decades of experience to work through all of those questions and probably a few more. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, reach out to us.

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