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You know what you want to achieve with your new commercial construction project. Why should you devote time and resources to a site analysis or feasibility study? The answer is simple. When completed by an experienced professional, both a site analysis and feasibility study are smart investments because they provide extremely useful data for preconstruction services. With what you learn from these reports, you’ll be better prepared to make informed decisions that will maximize the value you receive for your investment and enable you to proceed with confidence with your project.

Defining a Construction Site Analysis
A site analysis explores an array of important factors, revealing critical details about the location. A site survey is only a starting point. There should also be assessments of topographic features, climate, elevation and slope, drainage and any flooding issues, and soil composition and any contamination. Information regarding site utilities, site improvements and zoning ordinances should be included as well. The site analysis should also look beyond the boundaries of the actual site.  It should also incorporate a street analysis, data about land usage in the locations surrounding the site, and an overview of the area’s historical, social and economic conditions.  Thereby giving you a broad picture of the property and any potential challenges you might face.

Why Complete a Construction Site Analysis?
There are several excellent reasons for completing a site analysis. Doing so allows you to:

  • Weigh the potential of a site when contemplating a purchase
  • Gauge development opportunities for a site
  • Identify any likely constraints on development at the site
  • Evaluate a site’s infrastructure characteristics
  • Gather information to facilitate a request for a zoning variance

Understanding a Construction Feasibility Study
A feasibility study examines a potential construction project to determine if the suggested plan is viable. This type of evaluation includes a site visit, a design review, an economic analysis and a specifications review. It may also incorporate support during the process of choosing suppliers and subcontractors and reviews of relevant licenses and necessary permits.

What Can You Expect to Gain From a Construction Feasibility Study?
A thorough feasibility study enables you to:

  • Discover if your project is technically workable
  • Explore the financial viability of the project
  • Utilize expert analysis to assess risks
  • Learn what conditions, if any, need to be met before investment
  • Obtain pertinent data regarding regulatory factors, including zoning, building codes, environmental regulations and insurance requirements
  • Acquire accurate information on the site, the permits needed, potential suppliers and subcontractors, and various economic factors

At CBF Contracting, Inc., commercial and industrial construction is our specialty and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We have helped many business owners through a site analyses phase to completion of their new building.  Our team of dedicated professionals work hard to provide our clients with top-notch construction management, design-build and general contractor services. We thrive on producing a quality product.

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