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Whether you need more space or to update your facilities, you’ve decided that it’s time. Now the question remains, should you hire an architect or a design build firm to get the job done? Both have their advantages. Let’s go over the differences between whether you should hire an architect or a design build firm.

The Architect Approach

Traditionally, when you wanted to build something, you hired an architect to design it first. Then, you sent the plans out for bids. Finally, you hired a contractor to build it. It’s known as the design bid build method, and it’s still in use. However, another approach is gaining in popularity.

Design Build Construction

With design build construction, there’s less back and forth. Instead of having multiple parties involved that you have to actively manage and coordinate, you select a design build contractor. They handle both the design by the architect and construction in-house. By having both resources from the beginning of your commercial project, it streamlines the process and reduces your responsibilities and stress.

Design Bid Build Versus Design Build

Hiring an architect has its pros and cons. The same can be said of hiring a design build firm. How do decide which strategy suits your needs best? Considering a few points may help:

  • Acclaim. If working with a specific architect is important to you, then design bid build may be your best bet.
  • Cost. When money matters, design build often delivers more bang for your buck. That’s because the cost is considered from the very beginning of the project with this method. Architects tend to focus more on appearance, so they rarely count the cost of their designs. In contrast, design build projects are joint efforts that bring together contractors and designers and incorporate budget and functionality from the start.
  • Speed. When you go the route of designing, bidding and building, you need to choose multiple professionals. You also go through a bidding process. That means using an architect and a contractor will generally take longer. If you don’t want to waste time, opting for a design build approach cuts out much of the back and forth and allows for smoother scheduling so that your commercial construction project gets done faster.
  • Reduced conflict. If a problem crops up while you’re using an architect and a general contractor, how do you settle it? Whose responsibility is it? Were the designs inaccurate, was the execution incorrect? Who will fix it? Answering those questions can lead to headaches and delays. With a design build approach, you don’t have to worry about that issue. The professionals are all on the same team. If a problem arises, there is no time wasted on shifting the blame. Finding a solution is everyone’s responsibility.

If you’re looking for a design build firm with top-notch services, turn to CBF Contracting Inc. Over the years, we’ve built solid relationships with architects, engineers and other industry professionals in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Western New York. We have harnessed these teams of talented, skilled professionals who can successfully bring your project in on time and on budget. At CBF Contracting Inc., we excel at exceeding expectations. To learn more about our design build services or request an estimate, contact us today at 814-745-3000.

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