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When you are considering a new commercial construction project, don’t overlook the possibilities presented by using a pre-fab metal building. This clever form of modular construction can offer significant advantages. We’ve outlined the advantages of using a pre-fab metal building construction and how they compare to traditional commercial construction.

Advantages of Pre-Fab Metal Buildings

The modular construction of prefab steel buildings is incredibly cost-effective. In fact, going with a pre-fab metal building can save you both time and money, increasing your return on investment. How much can you expect to save? While it varies from project to project, savings of up to 30 percent in overall metal building construction costs are possible.  Since time is money, there are also significant savings with time.  Since prefab metal buildings are fabricated elsewhere and assembled onsite, construction time is reduced by 30% to 50% depending on the project.

A pre-engineered metal building can go up incredibly quickly. In many cases, pre-fab metal building construction time cycles are cut by one-third. This reduces labor costs and allows you to make use of your new facility more quickly. How do builders get this boost in speed without sacrificing quality? Prefabrication is the secret. Each piece is carefully engineered to fit perfectly with the other components,  Once the pieces are delivered to the site, a pre-fab metal building goes together in a smooth and speedy fashion.

Why are steel buildings popular with safety-minded businesses? For starters, steel’s enduring strength creates a strong building that will withstand the elements, including the weight of heavy winter snow. In addition, steel is a naturally non-combustible material, so it won’t feed the flames of a fire.

Industrial building construction contractors have built an extensive repertoire of techniques for working with steel, so metal buildings can be designed to suit virtually any commercial building design. Many commercial general contractors enjoy working with steel because the material’s strength allows for greater expanses with less support.  This delivers fantastic design flexibility and reduces worries about compromising the building’s structural integrity.  If you have a construction project in mind, it’s best to talk to a pre-fab steel building contractor to see if your project is feasible or if traditional construction is a better option.

Unlike wood frame construction, steel requires very little in the way of maintenance. That’s because steel components don’t warp, split, twist, swell, shrink or decay. A properly designed metal building can withstand wind, rain and snow without a lot of fuss and provides decades of worry-free service.

For those who want an environmentally friendly facility, prefabricated buildings are a smart choice. Steel is 100 percent recyclable, and a metal building allows for the highly efficient use of the material. Steel buildings have an impressive lifespan and deliver excellent energy efficiency. A metal building reduces both the heat island effect and your energy bills because it’s easy to heat and cool.

CBF Contracting is a premier pre-fab metal building contractor and is proud to offer high-quality STAR steel buildings. We specialize in creating all types of pre-fab metal building construction, and we can easily customize them with features like wood exterior trim, masonry and storefront windows. Whether you want a distinctive building that stands out or a facility that blends in with the architecture surrounding it, we can make it happen. STAR metal buildings can be perfect for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Industrial structures
  • Metal Garages
  • Metal Church buildings
  • Offices
  • Food storage and refrigeration units
  • Classrooms
  • Ecclesiastical buildings
  • Equestrian Stables

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