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Warehouse construction is often trickier than it seems on the surface. After all, a modern warehouse isn’t just a big metal building. When you’re building a warehouse, you need a commercial building that will serve your needs while not looking like a big metal box. That means creating a building that does more than protect its contents from the elements. It also needs to offer enough durability to keep the demand and costs for maintenance minimal. Additional ways to optimize warehouse construction include energy efficiency, features that support worker safety and comfort, and environmental engineering. They can help boost performance and give a company’s finances a welcome lift. For many companies, prefab metal warehouse buildings offer the ideal solution.

What factors should you consider when building a commercial or industrial warehouse?

Savvy business owners know that today’s project should always be completed with tomorrow’s needs in mind. That’s especially true with warehouse construction since you’re likely to be using the space for a long time. You’ll want to choose a flexible design that can be adapted to accommodate changing operations. It’s also vital to take size, weight and height requirements seriously. After all, you must plan for workers, equipment, stored goods, and shipping and handling operations. With their inherent flexibility, prefab metal buildings can be customized and adjusted to suit almost any need.

The Potential for Disaster
Disaster can strike without warning, and it can cause serious harm in no time at all. Warehouse general contractors know that being aware of the types of trouble likely to impact an area and taking steps to ensure that the building can withstand them is good business. For example, Pennsylvania winters bring snow and ice, which means roofs need to be ready to bear the weight safely. Walls should be ready to withstand windstorms. Structures in flood zones should take advantage of flood-resistant design strategies. Meanwhile, passive fire protection construction is smart in any location. It slows the spread of smoke and fire and reduces the odds of collapse. This can reduce property damage by buying time for first responders to arrive. More importantly, it can save lives by giving employees more time to evacuate.

The Possibilities for Sustainability
Building a prefabricated building as an energy-efficient warehouse is good for the environment and your company. It provides a continuous source of energy savings for your business. Fortunately, today’s pre-engineered steel buildings deliver amazing efficiency. Selecting equipment and other features with sustainability in mind continues this winning premise. Throughout the warehouse, there will be countless opportunities to incorporate green, sustainable or eco-friendly options. Review efficiency options with your metal building contractor to determine which of these opportunities is the best match for your circumstances.

Is Warehouse Construction on your Agenda?

Let CBF Contracting help you get the best results. With more than 30 years of experience in commercial and industrial building construction, we understand how to get the job done right the first time. We’re also a preferred STAR building systems contractor. These customizable pre-engineered STAR steel buildings go together quickly. They generally cost less to build, and offer fantastic durability and require little in the way of maintenance. If you’re looking for a Pittsburgh industrial general contractor, consider CBF Contracting. Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to see if we can help with your warehouse construction project.

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