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In addition to our expert staff, CBF Contracting utilizes commercial subcontractors to complete client projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This is common practice within the industry, but not all commercial subcontractors are created equal. The general contractor-subcontractor relationship is unique, so we’d like to offer insight into how CBF chooses and retains our commercial subcontractors.

1. Building and Maintaining Relationships
Because we’ve been in business in Pennsylvania for nearly 40 years, we know all of the reputable subcontractors in our region. Finding a good commercial subcontractor is fairly easy, but maintaining a relationship for decades requires an immense amount of trust and effective communication. Since we have been working with our subcontractors for many years, our operations are streamlined for maximum efficiency.

2. Vetting Commercial Subcontractors
What makes a good commercial subcontractor? Potential subcontractors are evaluated by two primary criteria: competitive bidding and stellar service. Of course, the cheapest subcontractor isn’t always the best, so quality and affordability must be equally prioritized. Thanks to our decades of experience, CBF Contracting has already cultivated relationships in Pennsylvania with the best companies our area has to offer. When it comes to finding new subcontractors, CBF Contracting, Inc. relies upon The Blue Book Network, a bi-annual regional buyer’s guide for commercial construction companies, to evaluate prospective partners.

3. Assuring Quality
CBF Contracting has a reputation to uphold. In addition to our own rigorous evaluation process, we work with an independent craftsmen agency who also has their own screening processes for their employees.  One of the reasons we like working with this agency is because they only hire candidates who exemplify the same values we do.   Safety – Productivity – Craftsmanship.  You can rest assured that the professionals working on your project are the most skilled and qualified.  We take great delivering quality work.  Every time.

4. Maintaining Proper Division of Responsibilities
Project owners don’t typically communicate with commercial subcontractors, but if a client tries to request work changes directly from the subcontractor, it can disrupt the entire project’s workflow and budget. Our subcontractors know that we are responsible for cost and time management, so we trust them to maintain the proper division of duties.

CBF Contracting Only Partners With the Best
When you hire CBF Contracting, you’re also getting the support of the most skilled staff and commercial subcontractors in the Pittsburgh area. Our company’s dedication to cost, time and quality management are what has made CBF Contracting the premier full-service general contractor for commercial and industrial clients in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Western New York State. Our staff and contractors all work for the same team: our clients. If you have any questions about our processes, or you’re ready for a quote on your next project, contact CBF Contracting today at 814-745-3000.

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