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The demand for healthcare is growing in Pennsylvania and there are no signs of it slowing down. However, the way that healthcare buildings are being constructed is evolving. Technological developments, strict regulatory environments and changing expectations all affect the way that medical facilities are built. As a result, medical building construction faces unique pressures. The requirements for a healthcare facility are different from any other form of commercial construction. That makes working with an experienced medical building contractor vital to the project’s success.

What makes medical building construction so different?

Specialty Healthcare

The delivery of healthcare is shifting away from the rigid, one-size-fits-all demands of lengthy hospitalizations. Instead, flexible mixes of outpatient surgery centers, ambulatory care centers, walk-in urgent care centers and other providers are taking center stage. Each of these medical facilities has its own unique requirements. That makes medical office construction a challenging and complex field. A commercial construction contractor has to be ready to listen carefully to the needs of the specific organization and be prepared to accommodate them in the planning, design, and construction process.

Regulatory and Technical Requirements

Medical facilities must follow state and federal rules and regulations governing both the design of the building and the operations that happen there. A healthcare construction company must always be aware of the current laws so that there are no concerns about compliance. In addition, the building’s mechanical systems need to be prepared to handle the demands that will be placed upon it. In some cases, there may be additional requirements to support specific medical equipment or instrumentation. In many situations, resiliency will be a concern. Medical facilities often have to be able to function regardless of the weather conditions. Therefore, these buildings must be designed to continue operations even if severe weather knocks out the power or causes other disruptions in the surrounding community.

Traffic Flow and Safety

The steady movement of people and equipment through the facility is a major concern in a healthcare setting. After all, any confusion or delay could interfere with the ability to deliver effective or timely care. Worse, if traffic flow becomes congested, it could set the stage for injuries. With medical building construction, it is essential to understand how the space will be used and create a design that moves traffic sensibly and safely within the structure.

Sustainability and Value Engineering

A healthcare facility that’s built today must be ready to serve patients for decades. Therefore, sustainability and value engineering must include innovation, forward-thinking and flexibility. An experienced contractor can offer creative solutions and also provide recommendations about effective products and systems.

Medical Building Construction Done Right!

If you are searching for a medical building contractor in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio or western New York, reach out to CBF Contracting Inc. We are a full-service commercial contractor who is committed to excellence. We can take your project from design through completion. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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