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The senior living residences of the past were sterile facilities with white walls and medicinal atmospheres. Today’s seniors expect better; modern senior living construction encompasses those needs. How can you ensure that your new assisted living facility will deliver the qualities that everyone is seeking? The first step is to work with a reputable assisted living construction contractor who understands the industry. Their experience means they have valuable insights regarding the qualities that shape a successful project.

Assisted Living Construction Qualities

Respect Independence

Designing buildings and rooms that foster independence is essential. Large bathrooms, wide doorframes, and flooring accommodating unsteady gaits, walkers, and wheelchairs are key elements. These features allow seniors to go about their day with minimal assistance.  Therefore, incorporating them into your spaces makes assisted living communities attractive to your residents.

Prioritize Safety

A motivating factor in a move to a senior living community is usually safety by the residents or their families. As our population ages, we must accommodate their physical, visual and cognitive changes. Making safety a priority during assisted living facility construction makes sense. Features like handrails, grab bars, and excellent lighting all make a space safer. During the design process, we can take steps to reduce sharp edges and eliminate trip hazards throughout the building. We can install alarm systems that accommodate those with vision or hearing difficulties.

Adaptability and Flexible Spaces

The recent pandemic proved that adaptability was necessary in all senior living settings. The best assisted living facilities and nursing home construction include flexible spaces. These areas may multitask to meet the changing needs of the community. Or they may evolve to match the shifting needs of the staff or facility.

Building the Right Atmosphere

New construction senior living must strike an important balance. While safety and practicality are important, today’s seniors don’t want to reside in a medical center. They want to live in a home in a vibrant community. The design and materials selected for the building will have a major impact, so working with an assisted living construction contractor with experience is a must.

Consider Maintenance

Although assisted living communities should look and feel like homes, there is a certain expectation of service and care. With that in mind, the design and materials must be low-maintenance and easy to clean. Are units advertised as ideal for aging in place? Are public spaces intended to be multipurpose rooms? In these situations, movable features may be a smart choice.

Functional Space for Staff

In an assisted living facility, residents aren’t the only ones to consider. Creating staff spaces that are functional, attractive, and flexible can boost morale and help with productivity. Since there is such a great need for additional assisted living facilities, there’s a good chance your staff will grow. It’s important to create additional space for that growth.

Support Sustainability

Many seniors appreciate sustainability. Some may like the thought of protecting the planet. Others may enjoy the fact that energy-efficient systems often offer savings over time. Whatever their reason, going green can be a selling point with residents, so it’s a smart strategy.

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