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Is it time to breathe new life into your office space? Whether you want to eliminate outdated floor plans or integrate new office features, an office building renovation can help you achieve many of those goals. Here’s how to maximize those efforts.

Plan a Layout That Fits Your Workforce

When planning commercial office renovations, remember that all the latest office layout fads may not fit your workplace. While open offices might be trendy, don’t just follow the crowd and pick a cookie-cutter layout. Consider your workforce and their needs.

  • Are your employees in-person, remote, or both?
  • Does everyone need a dedicated desk?
  • Or would flexible desk stations and more conference rooms be a better use of space?

How will you manage sound if you opt for an open floor plan? After all, some people will need to be able to focus or require privacy for security reasons. Likewise, technology needs may impact the placement of electrical outlets and other key features.

Introduce Flexibility

Companies need to be agile and adaptable to compete in today’s fast-paced marketplace. That flexibility should be more than a mindset. Physical flexibility in the office allows your team to shift their workspace to meet evolving needs. As the recent pandemic demonstrated, the future is always uncertain. Having some areas or features that are modular, mobile, or set up for multitasking makes it easier for your office to be certain that it’s ready for the inevitable uncertainty and has room to grow.

Embrace Natural Light

Natural light boosts mood, energy, and productivity. Regular exposure is known to play an important role in good mental health. A commercial building renovation is an excellent opportunity to create an office space that maximizes natural light. Your employees and clients will thank you.

Go Green

Employees, suppliers, and clients can all appreciate the positives of being associated with an environmentally friendly company. A green office makes people feel good about their choices, offers your company a competitive edge, and may provide it with financial benefits.

Implement energy-efficient systems

How do you make a commercial building renovation environmentally friendly? By including energy-efficient systems, equipment, and materials. Choose sustainable or recyclable products like wood, bamboo, or glass. Solar panels, smart sensors, and green walls or roofs can also be great additions. An experienced office renovation contractor will have several ideas for going green while also getting an excellent return on your investment.

Consider Design-build

If efficiency is appealing, you’ll want to check out design-build services for your office building renovation. One company provides design and construction services with this form of construction. When one team works on your project from start to finish, you enjoy a streamlined process with a single source of responsibility. It can save you time, money, and stress.

When you want a commercial contractor who can provide top-notch office renovation service, turn to CBF Contracting Incorporated. Offering design-build services, general contracting services, and construction management services, we’re ready to tackle the renovation of an office building of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today to learn more about our office renovation services or request an estimate.

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