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Construction workers have a clear interest in improving job site safety. After all, it’s their health and welfare on the line. Likewise, construction companies need to protect their workers, manage their liability risks, ensure the quality of their product and safeguard their reputation. As a client, why should construction safety matter to you? You might be surprised to discover how much impact a contractor’s commitment to safety can have on your bottom line.

Why Construction Safety Matters

Achieve Results

For maximum productivity, companies must foster strong communication, optimize training and set clear expectations. Valuing experience and maintaining a workplace culture of excellence are also vital. Interestingly, these are the same strategies needed to ensure that a job site is a safe place. In a sense, a solid safety record is evidence that a contractor has what it takes to achieve superior results.

Expect Quality

Superior quality doesn’t just happen. It takes properly managed resources, dedication, and maintaining a safe construction site.  Essentially, construction safety is tied to all of these factors. Smart employers know that their skilled workforce is one of their most important resources. Following OSHA site safety rules helps to protect the health of this vital resource. Prioritizing safety in construction also helps with employee retention. This continuity makes it easier for a contractor to keep skilled workers on their team and to keep that team functioning smoothly. As an added bonus, a strong safety culture encourages accountability. Being accountable is essential to delivering quality craftsmanship.

Limit Costly Disruption

It’s only natural to want your commercial construction project to be completed on time and on budget. That’s unlikely to happen if a safety failure leads to a serious accident at the construction site. While some accidents still occur, proper project safety management reduces the risk of many types of accidents as well as disasters. This keeps the people working on your project safer. It also limits costly disruptions that could interrupt the successful completion of your project.

Protect Your Reputation

In the business world, reputation matters. How would reports of a devastating accident at one of your locations impact your company’s reputation? Will potential customers believe the incident points to a pattern of cutting corners or heartless behavior? If they do, your business will take a hit. Working with a contractor who understands the importance of construction safety safeguards your company’s reputation.

Our commitment to safety controls is very important to our company. The photo above was taken in February when we invited Lancaster Safety Consulting to conduct our company-wide annual safety meeting.

At CBF Contracting, we know that it’s always best to do it right the first time. Since 1978, we’ve made a point of skillfully blending planning, people, products and services to deliver top-quality results on every commercial construction project that we’ve tackled.

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