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Hiring a Commercial Design Build Firm – Free Download Guide

Every commercial construction project’s success depends on quality assurance, solid scheduling and a realistic budget.  Choosing a commercial construction company to help you achieve those goals should be at the top of your list.  In the commercial construction industries, the last few decades have seen a shift in how construction companies offer their services to better provide these qualities to the customer. Most companies who want to build a new building are looking for a commercial design build firm and rightly so.

This free download guide will cover the advantages of working with a commercial design build firm as an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build contractor.

This Commercial Design Build Firm Guide breaks down the process for you in 5 sections:

  • Why Choose Commercial Design Build Firm
  • Comparing Design Build Construction to General Contractor Services
  • Differences between Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build
  • The Commercial Construction Design Build Process
  • Choosing a Design Build Contractor

If you’re looking to hire a commercial design build firm in the next few months, fill out the form below and you can instantly access our free download guide.  If you still need assistance in determining if design build is a good fit for your next commercial project, give us a call.  Our contact information is in the guide.

Hiring a Commercial Design Build Firm

Hiring a Design Build Firm – Free Download Guide