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You’re eager to move forward with your plans for a new commercial building, and you’re trying to think ahead so that you can make sure that all the pieces fit. To do that, you need facts, including a clear timeline for the commercial construction process. Keep these five guidelines in mind as you work to create a commercial construction timeline for your project.

1. Enlist your contractor.
No one knows how long it takes to do a job better than the person who does it day after day, so it’s hardly surprising that an experienced general contractor is an invaluable source of information when you’re trying to create a realistic commercial construction timeline. Take advantage of your general contractor’s experience; ask questions to gather accurate data that you can use to create your timeline. Let them help you create the timeline.

2. Be realistic.
If your contractor says that something will take 12 weeks, allotting less will set everyone up for frustration and disappointment. Don’t rely on wishful thinking to create your timeline. It is far more productive to take the facts you gathered about the realities of a commercial construction schedule and plan accordingly.

3. Understand your priorities.
Knowing exactly what you want increases the odds that you’ll get it because it makes it easy to define your goals. Do you need delivery by a certain date? Work backward from your desired delivery date to build a timeline. If there isn’t enough time to do everything, than it might be necessary to sacrifice certain features that you want but don’t truly need to make that happen. Are you more concerned with having the facility built exactly as designed? In that case, you may have to accept a completion date that is a little later than what you had initially hoped for in order to get it. Having an accurate timeline that reflects your priorities will make it easier for you to plan effectively.

4. Build in a cushion.
In life, the unexpected happens. The same is true in commercial building construction. To avoid continually throwing your construction timeline into turmoil, make sure that you build a little extra time into it.  Make room for inclement weather or last-minute changes or mishaps.  Things happen.  If everything goes perfectly, you’ll come out ahead of schedule. If a delay develops, you’ll be prepared for it.

5. Keep communicating.
Commercial construction is a process. If you want to ensure that your expectations regarding the timeline of your project are accurate, stay in contact with your team. Share your ideas regarding the construction timeline at the beginning of the process and keep checking in as the project moves forward. During production, schedule regular briefing meetings and be available to your General Contractor.  Staying connected means that you’ll know if there are any changes that might alter your timeline and what plans are in place to help the project stay on schedule.

With more than 40 years of experience as a general contractor in Pennsylvania, CBF Contracting Inc. understands what is required to get a job done properly. We encourage our clients to get their general contractor involved early in the process to better adhere to a reasonable construction timeline.  Of course, this means staying in touch throughout the process a priority. To discuss your commercial construction needs with a member of our expert team, contact us today.

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