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At CBF Contracting, we work diligently to exceed your expectations. Even though every job is unique, there are specific questions that we hear frequently. To support your search for a reputable commercial construction company, we’re providing answers to some of these queries here.

Most Popular Questions for a Commercial Construction Company

1. What size building can I build on my property?
Building size is a complex issue, but determining the land-to-building ratio is a good start. A measure of how a building’s size compares to the lot that it sits on, it reveals how big of a structure a particular parcel can accommodate. To calculate a land-to-building ratio, divide the square footage of the building by the square footage of the property. A high ratio suggests the property could support a larger facility. A low ratio indicates it is likely near its full potential. Your general contractor should also be aware of the setback from the roadways.

2. What are the fire protection system requirements in Pennsylvania?
With fire protection systems, a variety of local, state, and federal regulations come into play. These requirements set standards for fire alarms, heat and smoke detectors, commercial sprinklers, and other fire suppression systems in any new construction. If you’re renovating an existing facility, you may have to upgrade its fire protection system. Working with an established commercial construction company can ensure that your project will be in compliance with applicable laws.

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3. How can utilizing construction management services save me money?
A skilled construction manager can keep your project moving forward smoothly. Their expertise helps you avoid costly mistakes and delays. It can also be invaluable in walking the line between cost and value. This makes it easier to maximize your return on your investment. Finally, enlisting a construction manager on a commercial construction project frees you to focus on your own goals, reducing the opportunity cost associated with the project.

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4. Can I use a pre-fab metal building for my construction project?
Commercial steel buildings can be designed to suit almost any purpose. Their modular construction reduces build time and labor costs, making them a cost-effective solution. Plus, thanks to steel’s strength and durability, a properly designed metal building can withstand the elements with minimal maintenance. CBF Contracting, Inc. is a proud supplier of STAR Steel Buildings.

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5. What renovations will trigger an ADA compliance upgrade?
The Americans with Disabilities Act is designed to prevent discrimination against the disabled. For existing construction, ADA remodeling is often a matter of improving access. During an upgrade of an existing commercial building, businesses must make suitable efforts to comply with the ADA guidelines when they renovate a primary function area.

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6. How do I know if I should be hiring a design-build contractor?
If your project requires an architect and a general contractor, you should consider hiring a design-build contractor. Firms offering design build handle both the design and construction responsibilities. Keeping these tasks under one roof provides significant benefits and could reduce costs

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These are the top questions that come up when talking with businesses regarding their project. CBF Contracting Inc. is a top-notch Pennsylvania construction company just outside of Pittsburgh. We strive to complete every job on time and on budget.  If you have other questions, give us a call at 814-745-3000. We’ll be happy to share our insight and offer useful information. Contact us to discuss your next commercial construction project or request a quote.

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