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As communities grow, so do their needs. Groceries and other household products are at the top of the list. As an experienced commercial contractor, CBF Contracting has completed neighborhood markets, supermarkets, and grocery stores as well as major remodeling projects for these same stores. We recognize that when building a supermarket, specific consumer needs make these grocery stores function well. When our clients reach out to us about building a grocery store, we suggest they keep certain factors in mind.

Components of a Supermarket


When it comes to supermarket construction, details matter. For example, the display of products is often more involved than it appears at first glance. Grocery store shelving is frequently customized by section to display products to the best advantage. Some shelves also have lighting or other special features. Whenever electrical or plumbing is required, contractors will need to know so that plans can be made to have the necessary lines available.


Grocery stores and neighborhood markets inevitably have frozen and refrigerator aisles and box coolers. A general contractor who has experience building supermarkets will know to plan and have the electrical and plumbing lines needed to support these systems in place.


Every store uses lighting to establish the desired ambiance and atmosphere. A general contractor familiar with retail construction can offer suggestions for maximizing efficiency while still getting a visually pleasing shopping experience.

Loading Docks

Maintaining a stock of fresh foods and in-demand staples requires frequent deliveries. That makes a functional loading dock essential for a successful supermarket. This space needs to be easily accessible to trucks for deliveries but not to shoppers.

Checkout Stands

Whether it’s a cashier stand, a customer service desk, or a self-service area, the service areas at the front of the store need to deliver a smooth mix of purpose and branding. They must be designed to offer technology and maintain security while remaining welcoming and user-friendly. Spacing is also important in these areas for both employees and customers.

Shopping Cart Corrals

Shopping carts are a must for grocery stores, and a failure to manage them effectively can be devastating. Safe corrals or designated cart spaces must be available inside and outside the store.

Professional Relationships

A thriving grocery store is a hive of activity and keeping it buzzing requires the right connections. If you’re looking into building a supermarket in a new area, it’s also a new opportunity to connect with a variety of vendors and suppliers. Some of these professionals will be bringing in products for sale. But others will be offering the underlying structure and support systems that enable your store to function safely and effectively. After the new grocery store is finished, consider building and maintaining relationships with these vendors. That way, when you’re ready to remodel or build your next market in the same area, having them on your team will be advantageous.

Experience Counts When Building a Supermarket

Working with a general contractor who has a solid understanding of the unique realities involved in grocery store construction can help ensure you build a new grocery store. You can visit our gallery to see a few examples of our work.  there is a section for Retail/Grocery. This same general contractor can help you establish new connections for vendors and suppliers for your business.

When you’re interested in building a supermarket, reach out to CBF Contracting. We’re committed to excellence and use our expertise to deliver top-quality results for every project. To learn more about our services, contact us.

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