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Curb appeal is very important when businesses want customers to visit their location. Whether it’s a shopping center, health care facility, hotel, business park or industrial complex, the look of your commercial facility can have a major effect on the opinions formed by potential tenants and customers and your bottom line. If you need to improve a tired, worn exterior, an exterior façade renovation is an efficient way to get the job done. Here are a few reasons why opting for an exterior façade renovation is so popular.

Why an Exterior Façade Renovation is a Great Idea

A Fresh Face
Catching the eye of new customers and keeping your brand in front of existing ones is vital. Updating the façade of your facility allows you to present a fresh, appealing face to potential customers or tenants. Incorporating new technologies, better lighting, stylish signage and updated design improvements can also lead to better customer experience.

Speedy Completion
Updating a commercial building façade offers a fast turnaround in terms of commercial construction. In fact, exterior façade building renovations can be completed in a matter of months. With this approach, you’ll see the results quickly. If you have a tenant-filled plaza, these exterior renovations can be done in phases, but still performed within a reasonable time.

Minimal Business Interruption
When it comes to commercial building construction, time is money. Any disruption that interferes with your ability to provide goods and services to customers can hurt any business. If performing exterior renovations, it’s possible to accomplish the work while keeping customers safe during the renovation.  If performing exterior renovations on a multi-tenant building, start by notifying your tenants with the upcoming schedule.  More communication before beginning the renovations will help your tenant’s businesses and their bottom line. Some business interruption is inevitable when changes are being made to a commercial facility. However, façade renovations are far less disruptive than more intensive construction projects.

Reduced Operating Costs
Commercial façade renovations can deliver more than a new look. Planning your building renovations with energy efficiency in mind can result in reduced operating costs. Do you want to improve the indoor comfort of the space while lowering your energy bills? Improvements like better insulation, energy-efficient lighting and energy-efficient windows can make it possible. What about the resources needed to maintain the building? Selecting the right materials can reduce the maintenance burden and extend the lifespan of the facility. Over the years, this can provide substantial savings of both time and money.

Enticing Incentives
Does your city offer incentives to help offset the costs involved in an exterior façade renovation? Many municipalities do. After all, improving the look and feel of the streetscape encourages consumers to walk and shop locally. That behavior benefits landlords, local businesses and the community’s economy. To encourage it, many cities offer incentives, grants and assistance programs for exterior building renovations. These programs can make renovating more affordable.

Are you ready to transform your commercial facility’s appearance?

If you’re interested in a commercial building renovation that boosts your bottom line while minimizing business interruptions and maximizing the return on your investment, a commercial façade renovation is a smart strategy.

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