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Consumers are more often shopping online instead of in malls. It’s a trend that’s forcing malls to evolve and find new ways to utilize their assets. Mall redevelopment is on the rise in cities across the US. Mall conversions are being used for new residences, office spaces, data centers and medical facilities.

The Advantages of Mall Conversions

The empty, echoing halls of abandoned malls are a loss for businesses, property owners, and the communities that rely on these malls as part of their tax base. As a result, lots of people are eager to find ways to breathe new life into these commercial properties. With malls seeking new ways to draw people in, some are offering experiences. They mix offerings like theaters, bowling alleys, or restaurants among the stores. However, others are embracing different possibilities.

Abandoned malls are a prime asset to redevelop into medical facilities. There are several advantages that make malls an ideal site for a medical facility:

  • Location. Malls are generally centrally located near major arteries.
  • Parking. The same massive lots that once served shoppers can easily accommodate patients.
  • Space. Retail spaces are available in various sizes and can be built out to fit the need of the facility.
  • Visibility. Patients are increasingly involved in selecting who provides their healthcare. That makes having locations that are easy to find and in the public eye valuable.
  • Accessibility. Malls are already built to meet accessibility standards. They also provide optimal access for both vehicles and pedestrians.

A Success Story: The Clarion Dialysis Center

Can a retail space really be transformed into a high-tech healthcare facility? CBF Contracting Inc. had the pleasure of working on a local mall redevelopment project for The Clarion Dialysis Center in Clarion, Pennsylvania. The result was a win for all involved, including the community that will be served by the new healthcare facility.

Today the abandoned mall is a modern medical facility with first-rate features that offers top-quality care from an experienced staff. However, before it housed the center, the area was occupied by four stores in the Clarion Mall. In an example of vanilla box construction, the space was stripped back to the walls to create a clean slate. This approach allowed the healthcare facility to start fresh and install its own layout and floorplan. After all, the way that patients, staff, and resources move through a healthcare facility is quite different from how shoppers move around a retail location.

Mall Redevelopment Photo Gallery

Everyone wins when medical facilities are in a mall. The medical facilities enjoy easy visibility and access. The mall sees potential traffic from both patients and employees. Meanwhile, the community gains another healthcare resource. At CBF Contracting Inc., we’re proud to be involved in mall redevelopment projects that transform retail spaces into medical facilities like the Clarion Dialysis Center. Whether you’re interested in a mall redevelopment project or have another commercial construction project in mind, our experienced team is ready to assist you. We can work with you to make your commercial construction project a success. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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