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The best way to save money during the year is to become more energy efficient.  Your commercial building has lots of way to use less energy and thereby saving you money.  If you are interested in reducing energy costs at your commercial facility, but you need some inspiration, then consider these energy efficiency tips.

Conduct an Energy Audit
Before you can improve your energy efficiency, you need a clear understanding of your existing situation. Begin with a review of the last year’s utility bills. Then, evaluate where the energy that you use is going. Is older equipment an unnecessary drain on your resources? Are structural issues interfering with your ability to control your environment efficiently? Once you identify potential culprits, you can investigate potential fixes.

Seal Your Building Envelope
If your building envelope is riddled with air gaps that allow heated or cooled air to escape, your heating and cooling costs will be higher than necessary. Thanks to consistent innovation, energy efficiency tips are continually improving with building techniques. Working with a PA general contractor to seal gaps, update doors and windows, and bring insulation up to snuff can improve both your comfort and your building’s energy efficiency.

Consider Your Heating, Ventilating and Cooling Systems
Few people give it much thought unless it’s not working, but the HVAC system is responsible for roughly half of a commercial building’s energy use. That’s why suggestions to check your HVAC system appear on the vast majority of lists of energy efficiency tips. Some HVAC systems might benefit from a regular commercial building maintenance program.  Some HVAC systems might need to switch to a programmable thermostat that allows you to coordinate heating and cooling efforts with the time periods when the building is occupied. With older HVAC systems, it might be time to upgrade to a newer, more efficient system. Experts generally recommend replacing any HVAC system that is more than 15 years old.

See to the Lights
Outdated and over-designed lighting systems can be energy hogs. Newer, more efficient technologies like long-lasting and energy-sipping light emitting diodes, which are perhaps better known as LEDs, can provide the light needed for working while using far less energy. Lighting control offers another path for energy savings. Using electronics like occupancy sensors and timers can reduce waste by dimming or turning off unnecessary light.

Educate and Encourage Your Workforce
Although most energy efficiency tips revolve around equipment upgrade, a great way to have more energy savings is through your employees.  Efforts to improve energy efficiency are most successful when everyone is on board, so make it a point to educate your employees about your plans and enlist their aid in identifying and implementing energy-saving strategies. Prompt them to be mindful of their energy use and to report issues like plumbing problems or malfunctioning appliances quickly. You might also find it useful to offer incentives that encourage employees to take an active role in improving the company’s energy efficiency.

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