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If your congregation has outgrown your current church building, it’s probably time to consider a church construction plan.  Sometimes, an existing church building can expand by adding square footage to an existing building.  But many times, congregations need to consider building a church from the ground up.

When a Church Construction Plan Requires a Design and Build Contractor

Building a new church from the ground up gives you the opportunity to invest in a structure that suits your specific needs today and the future growth of your congregation and community.  Although tackling new church construction may seem monumental and overwhelming, especially if you have little experience with the construction process.

There are two construction options when building a new church.

  1. Hire an architect and then hire a church building contractor who is most likely a general contractor.
  2. Hire a church design build company that can accommodate both the design of the building as well as the construction of the building.  Using a design and build contractor for your new church construction plan can streamline the process as well as save you time and money.

What is Design Build for Church Buildings?

The design build process differs from traditional construction methods because it puts all of the project’s work under one contract. Instead of working with separate architects, general contractors and construction workers, every aspect of the project is handled by a single entity. Most church builders who use the design build process have church design plans already drawn up, allowing you to save money by using a standardized plan.  See other differences between design build construction vs. general contractor services.

The Benefits of Design Build for Your Church

When working with a design build contractor for new church construction, you receive a streamlined timeline with fewer delays. When your church project is handled by a single company, such as a design and build contractor, you won’t need to waste time talking to a lengthy list of people to finalize details and get project updates. A church design build construction company has likely handled many projects similar to yours; the company can anticipate delays and implement ways to avoid them. In many cases, your project will be completed faster than through the traditional construction process.

The design build process also offers a large benefit for your financial health. With fewer delays and easier communication, you are likely to save money over a traditional construction project. Design build companies can offer more accurate cost estimates as well, helping you make the best choice for your financial needs.

Developing a Church Construction Plan Using Design Build

Once you’ve decided to use the design build process for your church construction plan, you’ll need to start working through the steps to get to the finished building.

  • First, take a good look at your financial situation. The amount of money you have available will likely help you narrow down many of the decisions you need to make during the construction process. Once you’ve established your budget, spend some time identifying the features and scale needed in your new church. If your current building can’t hold all of your parishioners, constructing a bigger church building will probably be your priority. Sometimes, it’s not always about the church building itself, but also the parking lot.
  • The next step in your church development plan is to pick a design build firm. After receiving estimates from several design build firms, it’s time to interview these contractors for your project.  Beware of the cheapest bid; it’s important to also look for reviews of each firm and visit other church buildings they have previously constructed. Make sure any design and build contractor can show you that they have church construction as part of their portfolio. Finding a firm with positive reviews and experience with building churches is a good option.
  • After selecting a design build contractor, work on your church can begin.

In the end, developing a church construction plan is a big decision that can overwhelm anyone. If you’re interested in learning more about the design build process and how it can simplify your church building plans, please contact CBF Contracting, Inc. today. We have experience in church construction and can give you the information you need to make the best decision for you and your congregation. Give us a call at 814-745-3000 for a free no-obligation consultation.

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