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Pennsylvania Design Build Contractor

A design build contractor should offer a project delivery system with a single source of accountability and a single source of responsibility. As a design build company, we offer better cost control and allow for an efficient, streamlined construction process for commercial construction projects

By hiring a design build contractor from project inception, it means you can keep track of every detail and ensure project completion on time and within budget.  Our goal is to work with all the professionals involved in your commercial project with our eye on the goal of a finished product according to your specifications.

Design Build Contractor Services:

CBF Contracting has a proven track record of Design-Build project success thanks to our longstanding relationships with architects, engineers, and other professionals in the Pennsylvania, Ohio and Western NY areas. These qualities, professional relationships enable us to form a cohesive team with a common goal; to achieve success by meeting and exceeding our client’s design, budget, quality, and scheduling expectations.

The Bottom Line of Design Build Services:

Faster project completion and significant cost savings compared to the traditional process of design-bid-build.

design build contractor

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Hiring a Design Build Firm


Every commercial construction project’s success depends on quality assurance,
solid scheduling and a realistic budget.  Choosing a commercial construction
company to help you achieve those goals should be at the top of your list.
See how our Design Build Services will help you achieve those goals.


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