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You’ve probably heard it said that life is a highway. Oddly enough, thinking about what you want when you hit the road is a great way to understand how investing in construction management services can save you money on your next commercial construction project.

Understanding Construction Management


There’s a reason that people idealize the open road and dread dealing with stop-and-go traffic: momentum. With momentum on your side, you waste less time and energy and encounter less frustration. When you enlist a project manager, they apply their expertise to your project from its beginning stages to the final result. A construction manager’s presence provides consistent oversight that reduces the likelihood of costly missteps and facilitates smooth, efficient progress.


Much like locals know how to best capitalize on their hometown’s hidden gems and dodge the pitfalls that trip up visiting tourists, a knowledgeable construction project manager is familiar with all the ins and outs of building a commercial facility in the area. Their familiarity with construction technology, available subcontractors, reliable suppliers and relevant building codes allows them to identify the best path to success for your project so that you avoid unnecessary headaches and expenses.


Whether you’re on the road to adventure or hard at work, you want to keep your costs in check while simultaneously getting an excellent value. A good construction project manager understands that cost and value are not necessarily the same thing and can help you strike the appropriate balance between them. Thanks to their knowledge of construction techniques and technologies, they can provide accurate construction estimating services, point out places where value-engineering can save you money and indicate places where investing a little more initially will pay off with reduced costs in the future. They work diligently to deliver a quality product while completing the project within the budget set for it.


Anyone who has gotten caught in a traffic jam knows that the hours spent idling are a painful waste of both time and gas. Ineffective scheduling can have a similar impact on your commercial construction project, resulting in expensive delays. Fortunately, an expert at project management knows how to coordinate the various factors involved in your project effectively so that the resources you’re investing in your commercial construction project are used productively. A project manager’s efforts can help ensure that the construction job is completed on budget and in a timely fashion.


When you’re driving, you have to drive; if you let someone trustworthy take the wheel, you’ll still reach your destination, but you’re free to focus on other things while you get there. Opportunity cost is an often overlooked fact of life, but it’s a simple truth that you only have so much time and energy. If you devote a large chunk of these precious resources to your commercial construction project, you might miss out on opportunities to grow your business in other ways.  A construction project management professional acts as your representative. They handle the details of your project and make sure that everything falls into place, and while they do their job, you can concentrate on doing yours.

Pittsburgh Construction Management

Hopefully, these tips have helped you understand how to better use Construction Management on your next project. If you’re looking for a Pittsburgh Construction Management Company, be sure to consider CBF Contracting, Inc. Our experienced team is ready to provide the preplanning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise that you need. Contact us today at 814-745-3000 to learn more about our services and discuss your commercial construction project.

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