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When it comes to delivering excellent value in commercial construction, the design build process is hard to top. By fostering cooperation and coordination from the project’s initial phases, design-build i a popular construction delivery method that streamlines the construction process and maximizes efficiency. It is a fantastic way to get top-quality results with minimal hassles. How does design build construction work?

Phases of the Design Build Process

Phase One: Selection of a design build contractor

The design build construction process starts with the selection of a design build contractor. While it may be tempting to go with the contractor with the lowest bid, it’s always smart to look beyond the numbers and consider qualities like experience, stability and safety. Communication is another factor to weigh. How will a design and build contractor keep you informed, answer questions, and address any concerns that you have?  It’s important to choose an experienced design build contractor whose communication style meshes well with your needs.

It’s also helpful to work with a commercial design build firm who has successfully completed projects that are similar in nature and scope to your own.

Phase Two: Preconstruction Services

In the preconstruction phase, facts, desires, ideas and innovation mingle together.  It’s important that the design build construction firm assess the job site, explore your project goals, and delve into your current and future facility needs. The data collected by a preconstruction services contractor is critical information that allows the team to identify priorities and map out a plan for achieving your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.  During the preconstruction services phase, it’s a good idea to get a detailed site analysis and feasibility study to collect data before any groundbreaking.

Phase Three: Architectural Design

Although looks are a factor, a good design is not a superficial thing. It goes beyond a visual appeal to merge both form and function and takes into account everything from aesthetics and vision to technology and mechanics. This is where design build construction truly shines. Because architects, engineers, contractors and other construction specialists all bring their knowledge and experience to the table in the design build process, the needs of form and function are more readily balanced. This seamless professional cooperation produces increased value engineering, which ultimately results in more cost savings for the client. It also sets the stage for a smoother construction phase.

Phase Four: Construction

By placing the responsibility for both the design and the construction of the project in the hands of a single firm, the design build construction delivery method eliminates the need for two separate bidding processes and ensures that you never have to mediate between an architect and a contractor. With these professionals working on the same team from the very beginning, there is no question about accountability and the construction process progresses quickly and efficiently.

Phase Five: Post-construction

The design build process wraps up with a post-construction meeting. This includes a walk-through of the completed facility, a transfer of core documentation, and training sessions for owners and members of the facility management team.

With a solid track record in design and build commercial construction in Pennsylvania, CBF Contracting knows how to balance expectations regarding quality, design, scheduling and budget. We are not content to simply meet these expectations; we consistently strive to exceed them. If you have questions about the design build process or are interested in exploring how your next commercial construction project could benefit from this method, contact us today at 814-745-3000.

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