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Overseeing building maintenance doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for things to break. There are plenty of routine measures you can take to keep your facility running like a well-oiled machine all year long. Follow these commercial building maintenance tips to safeguard your business from costly setbacks.

Start From the Top
Your roof is your best protection against the elements, and spring is a perfect time to examine your commercial roof for potential leaks, damaged shingles, standing water and debris. Most importantly, perimeter edge flashing should be tightly secured against the building to deter rainfall. Lastly, keep nearby trees trimmed so that branches don’t present a safety hazard during a storm. If you see damage to the roof, determine if it needs repair or a commercial roof replacement.

Upgrade Your Light Bulbs to LEDs or CFLs
You’ve probably heard this before, but it bears repeating: Despite their hefty set-up costs, LED and CFL lights can save you time and money on several fronts down the road. You’ll save on facility maintenance because LED and CFL bulbs last twice as long as incandescent lighting, and you’ll tremendously reduce your monthly power bill because they consume less energy. You can also set your lights to an automatic system so that they turn off when no one is in a room.

Check Your Doors and Windows
Small gaps along the edges of windows or doors can cost you big bucks because they require your HVAC systems work overtime as air escapes. Make sure all weather stripping is in good condition. Also, consider installing windows that are specially made for energy conservation, such as ENERGY STAR certified products.

Make Quarterly HVAC Maintenance a Habit
Too many property owners ignore their HVAC unit when it’s not in heavy use. Take advantage of nice weather to schedule an HVAC tune up to make sure your system is prepared for the inevitable extreme hot and cold temperatures to come.

Practice Drills and Energy Backup
Don’t neglect to maintain your staff! Make your employees practice for emergency situations like fires, tornadoes and power outages so that you can be ready for the real thing. Speaking of which, have a backup generator somewhere above flood levels, and get it serviced regularly.

Don’t Underestimate Your Flood Risks
If you are in an area with any risk for flooding, consider moving all of your electrical equipment above the first floor. This includes all computers and structural equipment like HVAC units and switch gears. This process may take time and financial investment, but it will far outweigh the cost and downtime of flood damage.

Outsource Building Maintenance Services
Hiring a contractor to handle your maintenance has advantages over keeping an in-house team. Contractors have access to the best tools and equipment, which you would otherwise have to purchase. Contractors also have high standards for the technicians they hire, and they guarantee quick service.

This list was put together so you could maximize your facility management. However, if you find yourself in a spot where you need help repairing or renovating any part of your commercial building, give us a call. CBF Contracting has provided industrial and commercial construction services to Eastern Ohio, Western New York State or Western Pennsylvania for over three decades. Request a quote from CBF Contracting regarding any needs you may have.

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