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TPO roofing offers numerous perks, so it’s a popular choice for commercial facilities. However, proper installation is vital. That makes choosing the right TPO roof installation contractor an essential step when you want to capitalize on the many advantages of a TPO roof. How do you select the best roof installer for the job?

TPO Roof Installers

Look for Experience and Reputation

A good first step in finding a qualified commercial TPO roofing consultant involves identifying trustworthy commercial roofing contractors. Look for companies with solid reputations that have years of experience. Be wary of new roofing companies with little experience. Additionally, if these roofing companies haven’t been in business too long, then they may not be available if you need to reach out for assistance later. Lastly, referrals are an excellent way to locate trusted commercial contractors.

Ask About Insurance and Certifications

Any roofing company installing a TPO roof must have proper insurance. If it doesn’t, you might be liable if things go wrong. A reputable roofer will be happy to offer proof of insurance.

Various industry entities offer certifications as evidence that technicians and companies have the skills to use products, tools, and techniques correctly. If a company has achieved the certification required to install your new roof, TPO Roofing needs a certificate for installation. This provides insight into a company’s commitment to quality work and continuing education in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Look For Expertise With TPO

A commercial contractor could shine with shingles or excel with EPDM roofing. They’ll still be wrong for your job if they’ve never worked with TPO roofing. Before requesting a quote for your project, check the contractor has experience installing TPO roofing systems.

Viewing a company’s portfolio can give you a good sense of their work. It offers a chance to see the types of projects they tackle and the quality of their results. For more information, you could ask for a list of references.

Matters of Materials, Pricing, and Warranty

A type of rubber roofing, TPO consists of a layer of polyester fabric bonded between two layers of thermoplastic polyolefin. When properly installed, the resulting membrane is tough but supple, and it resists wind, weather, fire, grease, and other threats. Like shingles, TPO has various qualities and colors. You’ll want to carefully check the material that any prospective TPO roofing contractor suggests. Comparing pricing is also wise. Be sure to look for the best value. Don’t jump at the lowest price.

Warranties are another consideration. A reputable contractor generally offers a warranty covering the TPO roofing installation and materials.

Evaluate Communication and Culture

While they may be less tangible than a company’s history or pricing, communication and culture are also worth considering. Are your interactions with the company positive? Is the culture professional and respectful? Do you feel like you can get your questions answered?

Selecting a commercial contractor you feel comfortable working with means you won’t waste time and energy chasing them for information. You’ll be free to focus on other business.

CBF Contracting Incorporated is a fully insured, bonded, and certified TPO roof installation contractor. We’re ready to assist you with commercial roofing installations, inspections, and repairs in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and western New York. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request a quote.

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