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Renovating a restaurant has a lot of moving parts. Deciding what updates to make is just the beginning. Then, you must figure out how to deal with multiple municipal and state agencies that govern building, health, and zoning codes. Choosing the right restaurant renovation contractor is vital. Let their experience guide you through the process. Having a trusted pro on your side during a restaurant remodel increases the likelihood of success.

At CBF Contracting, we’ve completed countless restaurant renovations.  When choosing a restaurant renovation contractor, ensure they realize that creating a pleasant atmosphere for the customer at the front of the house is essential. But don’t neglect the back of the house. CBF Contracting also understands that perfecting the spaces in the back of the house is essential for optimal operations. In addition, ensuring that all work complies with all relevant rules and regulations is critical. Here are a few other items you should consider as you look for a restaurant renovation contractor.

Considerations When Choosing a Restaurant Remodeling Contractor

The public generally associates restaurants with one thing: food. As a restaurant owner, you know it takes a lot of work from many hands to get that food to their table. In a similar fashion, a lot needs to happen to make a restaurant remodel possible. Depending on your needs, the possibilities include:

  • Structural changes. Moving walls can improve the flow of the eatery’s work zones. It can also make way for a new seating area.
  • Electrical upgrades. Upgrading wiring or running new circuits may be needed for new appliances, updated signage, or better lighting. If you occupy an older building, you want to make sure all the electrical is safe and code compliant.
  • Kitchen updates. Energy-efficient appliances, restaurant-grade food equipment, deep sinks, and sturdy countertops that are properly installed and ready for the dinner rush are welcome updates in busy kitchens.
  • Plumbing and wastewater upgrades. Access to clean water is a must in any kitchen, so working sinks, powerful dishwashers, and correctly piped grease traps are necessary. The public and employees also expect working restrooms. This is also a terrific opportunity to make sure your restrooms are ADA-compliant.
  • Ventilation. Working kitchens are hot, steamy places. Ventilation is crucial. In some cases, local regulations may require ventilation with fire suppression.
  • Storage. A busy restaurant can go through an amazing number of supplies, so storage that keeps products accessible but out of the way until it’s needed is a must.
  • Fire safety. Make sure your existing sprinklers in the kitchen or dining area is operational. If you don’t already have one, they may be required in some locations. Working with an experienced restaurant renovation company will help you avoid compliance issues.
  • Cosmetic updates. Regrettably, food alone is not a determining factor in a restaurant’s success If your dining room is outdated, it may be a turn-off to customers. That’s why eateries routinely remodel every few years. Painting, installing new flooring or a drop ceiling, or changing out the seating are popular changes.

Clearly, a restaurant remodel is an incredibly complex project. How do you choose the right commercial kitchen contractor to assist you with so many plates spinning? Look for an established commercial contractor with experience completing projects like yours. View portfolios, check references, and request recommendations. Ask questions. The right contractor will be happy to provide answers and communicate clearly.

Are you searching for the right restaurant renovation contractor? A full-service commercial construction company, CBF Contracting, Inc. is ready to assist you with your restaurant renovation. Our proficient team has the experience and resources to get the job done right the first time. To discuss your project, contact us.

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