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Businesses depend on workflow, storage and equipment efficiency. Functional, well-designed warehouses that balance these areas are vital for your company’s success. Rely on a general contractor with experience in building commercial warehouses that focus on all the elements necessary for your business to run smoothly. When you’re ready to begin a commercial warehouse construction project, choosing the right contractor is key.

Different industries have unique warehouse requirements. A skilled warehouse construction contractor thoroughly understands what’s involved in a working warehouse. They’re fully prepared to assist in the development of a design and construction of a facility that meets the specific needs of the company. It’s essential to assess various requirements, including workflow efficiency, material handling equipment requirements, storage capacity, and transportation concerns. Future expansion possibilities are also a frequent consideration.

How to Choose a Warehouse Construction Company

Commercial construction companies are plentiful. However, finding a company you can trust to produce a top-quality product can be tricky. How do you do it? As you vet possible warehouse building construction companies, ask a few questions.

Do They Have a Superior Reputation?

Find an established contractor who has built an excellent reputation by consistently delivering superior results. The more years under their belt, the more they have amassed experience and reliable industry contacts. They’ll be able to use those resources to benefit you by anticipating potential issues, offering effective solutions, and advancing efficient paths forward.

Are They Experts in Warehouse Construction?

Companies that know warehouse construction and have worked on projects like yours already know how to achieve results. Opting for an expert gives you a head start. Look at their gallery of work.

Is Their Safety Record Solid?

Construction sites and warehouses can both be dangerous places. A solid safety record indicates that a company understands the importance of establishing safe environments, following best practices, and complying with relevant rules and regulations.

Are Professionalism, Organization, and Communication Evident?

To keep a project on time and on budget, your commercial contractor must keep various people working toward a common goal while ensuring they have the materials and equipment they need. Professionalism, organization, and communication are just a few skills needed. Seeing evidence of these talents in your interactions with the company is reassuring.

Do References and Credentials Check Out?

An experienced warehouse general contractor won’t hesitate to provide references upon request. Once you have these contacts, use them. Ask about the experience of working with the contractor and the quality of their work. Insights from prior clients can be invaluable. Also, verify that the contractor is insured. You may also wish to see if they’re affiliated with any professional associations or industry organizations.

Request a Quote

Requesting a commercial warehouse construction project quote allows you to see how a contractor would approach your project. Compare any quotes you receive carefully. Verify that they include all necessary labor, materials, and additional costs or fees. If some quotes are particularly low, proceed with caution. Are there concerns about quality, hidden costs, or oversights? Sometimes, what’s not included in an estimate can be worrisome.

We are a Pittsburgh-area commercial construction company operating in western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and western New York.  CBF Contracting Inc. is committed to quality commercial warehouse construction. We’re ready to assist you when you need a warehouse space that works as hard as you do. Whether it’s with traditional construction or a pre-engineered STAR steel building, we can find the right solution. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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