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When everyone promises excellence, choosing the right commercial roofing contractor can seem like a tough task. How do you select a commercial roofing company that can truly deliver a superior result? Keep an eye open for these three things

The Right Commercial Roofing Contractor Includes:

1. Look for a Local Commercial Roofing Contractor
A national franchise may offer the comfort of a familiar name, but a commercial roofing contractor with a local connection is often a better choice for when reroofing your building. Consider this: a franchise can rely on its name to attract work. In contrast, an independent local commercial roofing contractor has to make its own name. Local commercial roofers need to build its reputation by consistently delivering quality and service. Having worked hard to carve out their place in the surrounding Pittsburgh market as a quality roofing contractor, they’ll want to hold onto it. That means you can feel confident that you’ll get the benefit of their best effort.

Choosing local also means that you’ll be working with a roofer who understands what commercial roofing systems work well with your region’s weather. The right commercial roofer can steer you toward appropriate materials and techniques for your new roof or repair.

2. Look for Relevant Experience and Professional Credentials
You’ll also want to evaluate a commercial roofing contractor’s experience and credentials. Are you interested in a commercial roof replacement, a repair or a brand-new roofing system? Look for commercial contractors who have completed projects of a similar nature. Read reviews, consider recommendations and look over the results of the company’s previous efforts. Have they completed any prominent projects nearby that you could arrange to look at? Many successful commercial roofers will be happy to point you to places where you can see their work firsthand.

Don’t forget to check the professional qualifications of your commercial roofing contractor. How long have they been in business? Are they properly bonded and insured? Do they have any notable certifications or affiliations? Are they also an industrial roofing contractor? Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a commercial EPDM Roofing contractor, the EPDM roofer needs to be certified. What kind of expertise and resources do they bring to the table?  All of these are contributing factors to finding the most qualified and trustworthy commercial roofing company.

3. Look for a Proven Commitment to Quality and Value
Commercial roofing materials play a vital role in the structural integrity of your facility and its ability to protects its contents. That makes the quality of your next commercial reroof a clear priority. It’s also an excellent reason to seek out a commercial roofing contractor with a solid track record for high-caliber products and superior services.

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Of course, seeking out superior quality at a competitive price is simply good business. No one wants to pay more than necessary. Choosing a commercial roofing contractor that understands the value and can provide a mix of technical expertise, specialized product knowledge and customer service needed to deliver it ensures the best return on your investment. Asking about their policies toward warranties and service contracts will help you further protect that investment.

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