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When working with a design build contractor, one company handles both the design phase and the actual construction of your project. A design build contractor offers many advantages, including reducing the number of headaches that you’re likely to face while trying to get your project completed. It also puts a lot of responsibility in the hands of the contractor.  That’s why it’s important to choose a company you can trust. What should you look for in a design build contractor?

Commercial Design Build Firms Offer:

An Appealing Portfolio
Looking at completed projects can give you a good idea of what your design build firm is capable of doing. Take some time to review their portfolio. Are there projects similar to yours? Do you find the designs appealing? While a picture can reveal a good deal, consider paying a visit to one or more of the projects so that you can truly see the type of results the design and build contractor is able to deliver for yourself.

Strong References
Before choosing a design build construction company, ask for references from previous clients. Talk with the people offering references about their experiences. What was it like working with the design build team? Did the build phase run smoothly? How was communication with the company during the project? Were there problems with scheduling or staying on budget? If so, were they resolved satisfactorily? Don’t forget to ask if they are happy with the final product.

While a new design build contractor might be hungry to work with you, an established firm with a good reputation has shown that it can do the job. Don’t forget to explore the health of your design build construction company. After all, a financially healthy company is more likely to have the resources to bring your project in on time and on budget. Checking the design and build contractor’s bonding capacity is a good way to verify that the company is financially stable.

A Record of Safety
Working safely is simply good business for companies in the construction industry. How can you determine a contractor’s safety record? Ask for the company’s emergency modification rate. An EMR is considered a universal measure of a builder’s safety standards, and a rate that is less than 1.0 suggests strongly that the design and build firm has an excellent safety record.

A Willingness to Communicate
When you entrust your project to a commercial design build contractor, you want to be confident that your questions will be answered and your concerns will be addressed. That means that you want a company that is ready, willing and able to communicate with you. Inquire about what process they have in place for keeping clients informed and how the company fosters the necessary communication between everyone involved in a project.

BONUS – Working with a design build construction firm will also save you money.

CBF Contracting Inc. is a Pennsylvania design build contractor and has been delivering quality industrial and commercial construction services since 1978, We have the resources, connections and expertise to get the job done right. We take pride in coordinating design and engineering with our own construction skills to build your project. To discover more about our design build contractor services, contact us today at 814-745-3000.

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