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From hiring the right company to covering building costs, your commercial construction project represents a major capital investment. As the client, you expect protection from contingencies that can arise during a large-scale project, so you want to hire a licensed general contractor. Even though the State of Pennsylvania doesn’t require commercial construction companies to have a license, you still want to make sure to work with a qualified general contractor that is bonded and insured for your protection. Here are the three top reasons for choosing a commercial contractor while protecting your investment.

1. Insurance Covers You Both
A commercial builder’s insurance is similar to the coverage that protects your home and business. Without it, unforeseen circumstances can inflict serious damage on the company’s bottom line. An established, bonded and insured general contractor maintains additional insurance coverage designed specifically for the commercial construction industry. It extends liability coverage to you, the client, in the event of damage to your property resulting from the building process. A fully insured contractor also carries worker’s compensation for on-job injuries covering medical costs and lost wages. Otherwise, you might become liable for these unexpected expenses.

2. Bonding Is Your Guarantee
Clients often think of a general contractor bond as a type of insurance. Instead, it’s a guarantee between the builder, surety agent and client. A general contractor obtains a surety bond that covers job performance in accordance with all contractual obligations. It establishes liability protection that compensates you if the company fails to complete your project. A reputable commercial construction contractor also secures payment bonding that covers you in case of the builder’s inability to pay for permits, supplies or labor. Insurance plays a critical backup role in every construction job, but bonding offers specific guarantees against unique liabilities that can develop during your commercial project.

3. You Know Who You’re Working With
It’s a common misconception that a construction license here in Pennsylvania is required for all builders, but the process only applies to residential contractors. As a premier Pennsylvania Commercial General Contractor, CBF Contracting has adhered to responsible insurance and bonding practices for more than 40 years. As you consider hiring a general contractor for your project, ask specific questions, and expect documentation that you can easily verify. An established construction company has a proven track record of success and is always willing to demonstrate financial and liability coverage.

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Commercial construction insurance and bonding can seem complicated, but the system is designed to protect your investment. CBF Contracting Inc. is a top-notch Pennsylvania construction company and our goal is to build strong relationships with our clients as well as our community. If you’d like to explore how we can help you, contact us at 814-745-3000. We proudly serve clients across Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York as the state’s leading bonded and insured general contractor, and we’re always happy to answer your questions. Just give us a call.

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